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    Functional Fitness: Programming Outlook April 23

    Functional Fitness:  Programming Outlook April 23

    Hey Team,

    Late in 2022 I put out a ‘calendar’ style outlook post in which I tried to outline what we had ahead of us in Functional Fitness for the 2023 calendar year.  (You can find that here:  A little later on, I provided some more in depth info on what we had in-store for the first ‘quarter’ of the year (just go to the blog page to read all about ‘EVERYTHING’ ( and believe it or not, the first quarter of 2023 is basically DONE! 

    All of which means I need to give you a bit of an update on where we are heading in APRIL – and, in keeping with what I outlined in the 2023 outlook, this will be a time to BUILD!  The next 3 months are going to be centred around building a STRONG base both with our classic strength movements and also continuing to work with strict gymnastics movements (particularly Pull-ups and Handstand Pushups). The cycle will start in APRIL and – in keeping with our latest ‘TIP TUESDAY’ post will kicking off with 5 weeks of tempo for the Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press.
    This cycle is NOT meant to be excessively heavy, it is there to reinforce posture and position and essentially “prime-the-pump” for the upcoming 6-week Wendler (3-2-1) cycle that is next on the 2023 schedule –  until then, we are in the “slow and steady” mentality during our lifting sessions.
    Our final focus is going to be our Aerobic Capacity conditioning efforts. This will take shape with 15:00-18:00 workouts (plenty of AMRAPs/ EMOMs/ Chippers) that sit somewhere b/t RPE 7-8. The idea is to build your engine and the best way to do that is to KEEP MOVING during conditioning pieces. Those heavy days or sprint-style workouts are still going to be sticking around but the overall focus is finding your 70-80% and trying to improve it!       

    Week 1April 2ndBack Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press 3×8 (31X1)
    Week 2April 9thBack Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press 3×6 (21X1)
    Week 3April 16thBack Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press 3×4 (11X1)
    Week 4April 23rd Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Strict Press 3×2 (11X1)
    Week 5April 30thDeload

    Weekly Commitments

    (1) Deadlift/ Squat/ Press Day 
    (2) Strict Gymnastics Strength Day 
    (2-3) Mod-Long Workouts

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