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Round 1 Programming Update, August 2024

Hey Everyone, Just a quick “here’s what’s about to happen” message for all things Functional Fitness over the next 9-weeks.  Our current cycle will finish up next week (July 15th…

Strength training for Endurance Athletes

Hey Team, Happy Sunday to everyone.  Have to say, this is the time of the year that Perth is BEST.  Clear blue skies…and 21-degrees not 41-degrees.  Cannot beat the weather…

Creating your PERFECT week of Training

Hey Team, Welcome to another week.  I wanted to kick this off with a big congrats to everyone who got through the Murph workout on the weekend – with a…

Round 1 Programming Update, June 2024

Hey Team, Welcome to another week.  Cheers to everyone who has been getting in and training with us – it’s been a great couple of weeks in the gym as…

Round 1 Update: June 1st Price Changes

Hey Team, Hoping all is well.  Today is another one of those emails I hate writing.  I have been told repeatedly over the past couple of weeks that because “EVERYONE”…

Remembering Cam

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Hey Team, Hope everyone is well.  As this week ticks by I have been doing a lot of reflection on life, the universe and everything.  Last week one of the…