Our instructor-led, structured strength and conditioning sessions are meticulously designed to help you build a robust, enduring foundation. With a focus on technique, progression, and individualized coaching, you’ll transform your body, boost your endurance, and achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to strength training, we’ve got your back. Join us and experience the journey to lasting strength, health, and success.

Our Classes

Programmed for LIFE

Our programming is designed to meet you where YOU are at – your goals and your schedule. Whether you train every day or have to skip a session or two, our rotating class focus will keep you moving toward your goals without ever burning out.

Fresh, Fun and Effective

It’s never the ‘same old’. You will use a variety of equipment – cardio and strength – and our sessions are ever changing.

Training with PURPOSE

Getting ‘BETTER’ takes repetition and progression with targeted intent. At Round 1, we are BUILT on a cycle of continuous improvement with periodised training cycles that have a focus on a progressing individual exercises in pursuit of a larger goal.

A single training cycle may focus on work capacity, functional strength, power and endurance, with opportunities for growth assessment after each period.