For all of our classes, you will need a towel and a water bottle. If you forget them, you can always purchase at reception. For classes in the Boxing gym (BoxFit, BoxPlus) you will also need suitable boxing gloves and a pair of hand-wraps. We have a great range available at the gym if you need to purchase them before starting!

We don’t offer one-class trials – we DO offer a structured trial system via our ‘Get Started’ program that enables you to either ‘jump straight in’ with two weeks of unlimited training OR take a more slowly-slowly approach with some one-on-one tutoring before you jump into class.

A Round 1 Fitness “BOXING” membership allows you to do all classes in the boxing gym (BoxPlus, BoxFit, Body Work) as well as access the cardio room and hammer strength equipment.

A “STRENGTH” membership includes everything that is in the “BOXING” membership AND all of the strength classes (Functional Fitness, Fully Loaded, Hammer Time etc) on the timetable.

BoxFIT is a boxing-inspired workout – you will be working the bags, using the speedball, doing footwork drills, body weight exercises etc.

BoxPLUS workouts INCORPORATE boxing elements but also include strength components (kettlebells, barbells) and cardio activities such as bikes, skis and rowers.

Kids CAN train at Round 1 but there are a few rules!

1. Developing Athlete Program sessions are available for athletes aged 12-18.
2. Kids can participate in BOXING classes from age 12 as long as their parents are present in the gym.
3. Kids can participate in STRENGTH classes and attend boxing sessions independent of their parents from age 16.