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    Functional Fitness Programming Outlook, 2023

    Hey Team,

    This has been written as a bit of a summary document for what is ahead in 2023.  It is not going to provide the level of detail that you are used to seeing from our ‘overview’ documents where we outline what lift what week…and it 100% is not going to provide the detail you see in the daily session plans.  BUT.  Hopefully it provides a bit of an overview of where we are taking the programming in 2023 so you can ‘get excited’ for each training block in advance…

    A reminder that we are going a bit ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’ with our Functional programming in 2023 by re-introducing the training ‘levels’ we used at Round 1 for so long in boxing (pre-COVID days) – Performance and Fitness..

    The PERFORMANCE level of the workout is programmed to include high skill movements and heavy loading – but of course it can be adjusted up or down to suit the needs of individual athletes. The intention is that each day will give athletes a well-rounded and full experience – warmup, strength and conditioning.

    The Fitness Level of the daily workout will be a much more moderate version: moderate skill, moderate loading, and moderate volume. This level will keep athletes moving and performing workouts that are more simple but highly effective. Obviously this is the level we want to use for new athletes to funnel through – as well (of course) as our graduating DAP athletes.

    Will people move between ‘PERFORMANCE’ and ‘FITNESS’ options from day-to-day depending on the movement?  Of course.  Not everyone is good at the same things.  Essentially both performance and fitness ‘tracks’ are following the same ‘programming progression’ – but some movements will be scaled down for simplicity – replacing Snatch with a Power Snatch for example.

    2023 Outlook

    Phase 1:  PRIME.  Oly Lifting, Speed and Power Development
    JanuaryFebruary March
    Oly Cycle (7 Weeks)1x Squat per week1x DL per weekRowingBox JumpsDouble Unders** Fight Gone BadContinue Oly CycleTest 1RM:  Snatch, Power Snatch and Power CleanContinue 1x day per week Deadlift and Squat variant.1 Day each of:
    DeadliftSquatStrict Pull-up Build1RM Power Snatch1RM Power Clean
    Phase 2:  BUILD Strength and GPP
    4 Week Tempo Cycle9 Week Gymnastics CycleAerobic Capacity BiasPrioritise AMRAP, EMOM, Chipper style workouts.Commence 6-Week Wendler (5-3-1) CycleBenchPush PressBack SquatDeadliftContinue Gymnastics Cycle.1-2 Day/week positional work (Pauses/Pulls).1 day squat/pull.
    Phase 3:  CAPACITY
    8 week Oly Cycle1x Squat/Pull Day9 Week Gymnastics Cycle
    Aerobic Capacity Bias.6min-10min 1-2/week8min-12min 1-2/week15+min 1/week
    Fight Gone Bad
    Continue OLY/Gymnastics cycles.
    Continue Aerobic Capacity bias.
    Build for final block.Barbell CyclingDouble UndersOverhead SquatBench Press
    Phase 4:  Come Home Strong
    WAVES1x Power Oly lift / week
    General Physical Prep:8min-10min x 2/week12-16min x 2/week18-20min x 2/week
    Redrive WAVES Cycle
    Continue Power/Heavy OlyContinue Gymnastics build.
    More flexible programming – ‘CHOOSEDAY’ lifting.
    Simple time-bound Metcons.

    So – in ‘general’ terms that’s how this year is going to look.

    I will be back to provide a ‘week-to-week’ view of each individual cycle as the year goes on – the first cycle is due to kick off on January 9th (which is in just two weeks) so I expect to publish that one early next week for everyone to have a read of.

    Fire back any questions you might have to me –

    See you all in the gym,



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