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    Why 3x 52 is the Best Model

    Why 3x 52 is the Best Model

    Hey Everyone,

    Welcome to another amazing Sunday.  Was a great morning in the gym, a fun lunchtime watching junior footy…an event that somehow meant I missed watching the Bulldogs game (what a disaster that was!!).

    The world continues to kick our butts at the gym – just as I am returning (slowly but surely) from my bout of shingles, Tracey gets belted by a bout of the flu and is out of action…it really does feel like we can’t catch a break right now and every single week it’s ‘SOMETHING’!  Hopefully with the ‘official’ end of winter only a little over a week away the change in seasons can also be a bit of a turning point in our fortunes!

    I have been really enjoying the classes though.  I think we’re in a pretty good block of boxing sessions right now and I spend a bit of time yesterday looking through what’s in stores for September…it’s gonna be awesome.  In the strength gym, we still have another couple of weeks remaining on our Oly program (testing week starts on the 28th August) before we roll back into a new strength cycle (if you check the planner from the start of the year, you will know we are fast approaching phase 4 – ‘come home strong’:  In Fully Loaded we are continuing our shadow program (still a couple of weeks to run) and the girls are pushing forward with their ladies lifting and still agitating for a second class each week…

    With Tracey away I have done a lot more Health Checks/Fitness appraisals this week than usual and I am constantly amazed at how similar everyone’s stories are…now, this doesn’t mean I can pull out the same ‘butchers paper’ solution for every client but it does seem like everyone is over-stressed at work, time poor due to the demands of their job + their family and wanting to lose a few kegs/feel a bit better about themselves BUT are not sure how to go about it…and whilst for those of us who are ‘gym regulars’ these problems seem pretty familiar and relatively straight forward to overcome, well, for so many people the thought of carving out a few hours per week for themselves not only seems ‘impossible’ it also feels incredibly ‘SELFISH’.

    After all – when there is so much to do in your LIFE, how can you spend time just focussing on yourself?  There are other PEOPLE in your life who need to be put first!!!  There are other THINGS in your lift that need to be put first.

    And because of all of this, getting started on a fitness journey so often causes additional stress when what it is supposed to do is take it away – and of course, high on the list of this stress are the overly ambitious goals so many people set for themselves when they are JUST GETTING STARTED.  In this post, what I am going to try and do is focus on the benefits of gym attendance that is planned for three (3) times per week and 52 weeks of the year.  From there,  I’ll try to explore (and explain!) how consistency trumps frequency, and how adopting a model focussed on attending sessions ONLY during the traditional working week (Monday-Friday) can provide positive structure to your training routine, ensuring sustainable progress and long-term success.

    So…wish me luck!

    Embracing the Power of Consistency

    When it comes to achieving fitness goals, consistency is key. Many people make the mistake of overcommitting to an unrealistic gym schedule – aiming to attend 5 or 6 times a week.  Don’t get me wrong – if you can do this, cool – I’ll be happy to see you every day AND will make sure we are programming to support that schedule.  BUT, whilst it makes you SOUND committed and is a worthy goal for an experienced gym user, trying to do 5-6 sessions can often lead to burnout and frustration, especially when life’s demands become overwhelming.  Not only that, if you plan to do “5” sessions but ‘only’ do 4…somehow in your mind you have failed…even though 4-sessions is actually an amazing success.  

    Focusing on 3 gym sessions per week offers a balanced approach that is sustainable year-round. It allows you to prioritize recovery, preventing injuries and mental exhaustion. When you set achievable goals, you’re more likely to maintain the habit over time. It’s far better to consistently complete 3 workouts per week rather than sporadically attempting 5 or 6 sessions and eventually giving up altogether.

    By adhering to a manageable routine, you’re setting yourself up for success. Aiming for 3 sessions per week will not only improve your physical well-being but also ensure that you’re mentally prepared and motivated to stay committed in the long run

    Build a Routine based on Monday to Friday

    Creating a structured routine is crucial for any fitness journey. The Monday-Friday model provides a well-defined framework that helps you stay on track while leaving room for flexibility and enjoyment. Here’s how you can implement this model to optimize your gym attendance:

    Weekdays:Focus on Consistency: Designate Monday to Friday as your primary training days. Commit to completing your 3 gym sessions during these days. This approach sets a strong foundation for your routine and allows you to align your fitness goals with your workweek. Additionally, by frontloading your week with workouts, you’re more likely to maintain momentum and motivation.
    WeekendsBonus Days, Not Off Limits: Contrary to considering weekends as “off limits,” view them as bonus days that offer flexibility. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes your schedule may not allow for gym time during the weekends. Rather than feeling discouraged by this, use weekends for non-gym physical activities. Engage in outdoor adventures, go for hikes, bike rides, or even try a new sport. These activities not only contribute to your fitness but also inject variety and enjoyment into your routine.
    Weekends #2Utilizing Weekend Bonus Sessions: Some weekends, you might wake up feeling energized and with spare time on your hands. On such occasions, consider using these bonus days for an extra gym session. However, this should be driven by how you feel rather than an obligation. The idea is to embrace the flexibility of the weekend while still staying active.

    So…where did we get too?

    In the pursuit of fitness goals – it doesn’t matter whether those goals are based on performance, lifestyle, weight loss or body composition – adopting a sustainable approach is paramount. Focusing on 3 gym sessions per week, 52 weeks of the year, provides the consistency necessary to achieve and maintain your goals. The Monday-Friday model offers a structured routine that ensures you stay committed while allowing for flexibility and enjoyment during the weekends.

    By setting realistic expectations and making exercise a manageable part of your routine, you’ll be better equipped to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting results. Remember, it’s not about how many days you hit the gym in one month – or even one year – but the quality and consistency of your efforts over the LONG TERM that truly matter.

    Embrace the power of consistency, and let the Monday-Friday model guide you toward a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.  

    See you in the gym,



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