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    5 DIFFERENT reasons to do the Summer Slam

    5 DIFFERENT reasons to do the Summer Slam

    Hey Team,

    Welcome to another Sunday.  

    Thanks so much to everyone who came along and trained with us last week – we really appreciate you.  Things are slowly progressing in the gym – we have moved through the first month of the re-introduction of the ‘moving around’ classes in the boxing gym,  As I have noted a few times, things are not ‘perfect’ with the setup but I like to think we are making it work.  I really want to persist with the ‘Rolling Thunder’ continuous class on Saturday at least through until the end of October and continue to mix in the cell-based and ‘move around’ sessions…this month we will be changing the rhythm around a little and doing a few more moving classes (the pattern should sort of be ‘cell-based, cell-based, move’ with variations to this pattern to fit in the Saturday sessions)…anyway – for everyone asking me if we are changing back, if we are keeping the BoxFit sessions and all of the other questions…well – I don’t know yet.  I’m still trying to work it out, figure out what is/isn’t achievable in the current gym configuration, figure out what changes we might need to make if we DO ‘turn back the clock’ and all of those questions.  One thing is for sure, if we rush to judgement then mistakes will be made.

    We are ONE week away from the 2023 Summer Slam.  You can read about the two challenge options/sign up from the Summer Slam web portal here:

    I know it’s no secret that I LOVE the challenges we do at Round 1 and if I had my way would probably do a few more – the two BIG ones (28-Days-Later and Summer Slam) are must haves but I would happily squeeze in a couple of others to help keep me on track…setting that aside, it’s time for the Summer SLAM!

    Rather than go on about what’s involved (you can read about that HERE) this week I wanted to put up a few reasons – UNIQUE reasons! – why I think everyone should do the challenge.  Yeah, Yeah, I know you’ve seen it, done it before etc – but honestly just the month (or 45 days if you are doing the ‘Highway to Hell’ version) of really being accountable to something can make such a difference….so here goes.  FIVE new and unique reasons to do the Summer Slam Challenge.

    You should do the challenge as it will REVITALISE your Workout Routine.

    The challenge will kick you out of a workout rut! The Summer Slam is your ticket to a refreshing fitness experience. Throughout the challenge, you’ll dive into uncharted territory, embracing new exercises, workouts and training techniques that may have never crossed your mind and we don’t get to DO in the clases…The Summer Slam is a chance – actually, it’s THE chance ‘cos it’ll be done soon enough! – to break free from the mundane and breathe new life into your fitness journey.

    You should do the challenge as it will help you Forge NEW and UNBREAKABLE Connections

    When you join the Summer Slam, you’re not just signing up for workouts; you’re signing up to share an experience with a whole heap of others.  Whether you start off with the same goals and aspirations as the rest of the crew, when week#4 comes around and you are battling through your challenge ‘EXTRAS’ alongside someone you have barely spoken too in the past, well, the connection of shared experience is a strong one.  The challenge is about YOU but at the same time, it’s a shared experience.  You’ll find yourself celebrating successes with others, becoming part of a ‘community’ and honestly building bonds with others that last LONG past the end of the challenge..

    You should do the challenge as it will Awaken Your Inner Competitor.

    Even if you’ve never considered yourself a competitive soul, the Summer Slam can ignite your athletic spirit. It’s not about beating others but challenging yourself to reach new heights. The structure of the challenge, the opportunity to compare notes with others about each work-out and try to do just a little bit better each week….well, it’s hard to describe but when you see your times and performances improving as the weeks go by it is 100% motivating and exhilarating.  It sounds corny to say it out-loud, but beating your own personal bench-marks really is a strong driver for performance improvement.

    You should do the challenge as it will help you Achieve the Unimaginable

    The Summer Slam isn’t just about setting records – it’s about shattering them. In years past we have seen some pretty amazing outcomes and I would encourage everyone to just set aside what outcomes they THINK can be achieved and instead, just embrace every part of it and have a crack.  If you do, you could very well be astounded by the progress you can make when you fully commit. Whether it’s conquering previously daunting workouts, achieving personal milestones, or surpassing your own expectations with regards weight loss/mucle gain,  the sense of achievement is nothing short of extraordinary.

    You should do the challenge as it will help you Elevate your Mental Resilience

    I know, all of these reasons have ‘so far’ been about the physical.  But if you want to move BEYOND that, the Summer Slam is fundamentally a test of your mental fortitude. As you navigate the highs and lows of the challenge – 100% everyone who starts will have moments where it just seems ‘TOO HARD’ and you will truly wonder WHY you decided to start – , you’ll cultivate a resilience that will both HELP you in the gym in the future AND also transcend the gym. Getting to the end of the ‘Summer Slam’ is about developing unwavering determination, self-discipline, and mental toughness that can leave a lasting imprint on all aspects of your life.

    So…there you have it.  5x new and cool reasons to have a go that have zero to do with the number on the scales…but at the same time, those lost kegs in the lead up to the crazy December/January social period will certainly be helpful as well!

    Once again, to sign up, click the link to the portal and jump on-board:

    See you in the gym,



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