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    Why we include Olympic Lifting in Programs

    Olympic Lifting is often looked upon by the average gym user as intimidating, confusing and
    overall too complicated to try. However, if coached correctly and broken down into smaller
    exercises that are easy to perform and learn, you’ll get the hang of them in no time.
    Olympic lifts provide many benefits for both athletes as well as gym goers keen on making a
    difference in their health and lifestyle. Here is a breakdown on how it benefits you:

    Muscle Use
    Snatches and clean and jerks require the use of your legs, glutes, back, abs, shoulders and
    arms all at the same time, and because of this, these exercises are a great way to burn calories
    as it maximizes muscle use in a short amount of time.

    Increase of Power, Strength and Speed
    Olympic lifting movements produce some of the highest power outputs in all sports. Strength
    and speed = power; power is the key ingredient to helping people jump higher and run faster.
    This makes Olympic lifting one of the most effective ways in building power and speed.

    Improve Coordination
    Olympic lifts are full-body movements that require coordination, rhythm and timing. By including
    these exercises in your program it allows for improvements to be made for body awareness as
    well as coordination which can benefit activities of daily life.

    Building Confidence & Having Fun!
    The mastering of a skill such as snatches and clean and jerks can have a massive effect on
    your confidence inside and outside of the gym. Normal gym programs with squats and deadlifts
    can become repetitive, but being able to lift weights with speed and technique like Olympic lifts,
    as well as the learning process, can be exciting and can rejuvenate your love for the gym and
    working out.


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