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    When should you introduce kids to strength training?

    Time and time again we hear comments from people saying things like “I want my kid to get into the gym, but I don’t want to stunt their growth”

    Parents worry and stress about when is the right time or the healthy time to introduce their kids into strength training. The short answer is, when they are able to follow instructions and stay focused at a task. The Australian Strength Commissions guidelines for youth strength training states you can start safely training kids at the age of 6 and up, depending on their developmental stages.

    However at Round 1 Fitness, we encourage the ages of 12 and up to be a good place to start, the reasons being:

    They aren’t really big enough to use most of the equipment until around the age 12 or 13. 

    They have had a decent go at school and are familiar with a class environment. 

    This is the age that kids begin to take their sport more seriously and are more committed.

    As far as it goes health wise tho, you can get them moving and training from just about any age that they are able to stay focused. No need to worry about old wives tales stories.

    So once your kids hit 12, and want to strength train, bring them to Round1 Fitness and get them into the Developing Athletes Program or get them training with you boxing.


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