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What causes a tight Pec Minor?

What causes a tight pec minor?

Common ways a pec minor muscle pain can develop is through a lot of reps and overuse from chest dominate exercises. Another way is through poor posture, remaining in a sustained rounded shoulder position, which is common with office workers, the muscle is left in a shortened position.

What does a tight pec minor feel like?
A tight pec minor muscle can result in the shoulder blade being tipped forward and pulled toward the side of the body. When the shoulder blade is out of position, arm mobility overhead becomes affected and it will feel like you have shoulder pain.

Easy way to loosen off the pec minor is through stretching the area.

  1. Place your palm and forearm high up onto a wall.
  2. Tilt your shoulder backwards throughout this stretch.
  3. Keep your lower ribs down to prevent the lower back from arching.
  4. Lunge forwards.
  5. Aim to feel a stretch in the chest region.
  6. Hold for 30 seconds.

Make sure you keep this up so the muscle will continually loosen off. Easing of shoulder pain and improved overhead mobility will be signs of tension easing.

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