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Unleashing the Power of Small Groups

Hey Team,

Once again, thanks to everyone who has braved the big freeze to get along to train with us at Round 1 over the past couple of weeks.  It’s been WET.  It’s been COLD.  One Tuesday morning a couple of weeks back – I mean, the weather site is saying the temperature is 0.6 degrees…but ALSO said that it somehow ‘feels’ like -1.7 (I mean, what does that even mean??).  When your car windscreen is covered in ice when you wake up in the morning and you require the input of a garden hose to drive to the gym…anyway, it’s been really (really) cold and I am super impressed with everyone who showed up!

Our 10-week Summer Bodies program has come to a close and with it we will (soon) be implementing some ‘permanent’ small-group training sessions on the time-table.  I blogged about this a few weeks back but the plan is to have 4x ‘Weekly’ classes – each one limited to just 6x people – to try and really drive the ‘small group benefits’.  Now, these session’s won’t be part of your memberships as they are today (you will be able to purchase the sessions for $10/class) and the plan is to trial the sessions for 3-months to see what the interest level is like.

Why “Small Groups”?  Well, to me it sort of enables us to create some sessions where we are connecting motivation with camaraderie – and from what we’ve seen with ‘Summer Bodies’ this style of training makes fitness goals more attainable than ever.  You have 90% of the benefits of personal training (individual attention from the coach and technical focus) AS well as 90% of the benefit of group sessions (energy and support of other participants).  When I think about it, it’s sort of why the people who train at those ‘difficult’ times – 7am, 12pm, 8pm – tend to keep coming in not just week after week, but YEAR after YEAR.  They are able to form strong connections with other people at the sessions which = great training outcomes.

So – here goes:  Why are we doing Small-Group Sessions?

#1:  Build Supportive Communities ‘WITHIN’ our Gym Community!
Small group training fosters a strong sense of community among its participants. By training together in a more intimate setting, individuals develop a genuine bond with their fellow members. This camaraderie creates an environment of encouragement, accountability, and support. It is through this shared experience that each member finds motivation and inspiration, fueling their commitment to reach their fitness goals.

#2:  Personalised Attention from the Coach
I (obviously) love group training and have structured an entire gym around it.  But no doubt larger groups can lack individualised focus – and often when I am a class participant I appreciate that fact ‘cos I don’t really want the coach observing what I am (or more likely AM NOT!) doing.  But this isn’t always ideal when it comes to correcting technique and driving outcomes.  I do think that the small group stuff offers a great balance between personal attention and group dynamics. With a limited number of participants, trainers can provide tailored guidance and feedback to each individual. They can adapt exercises, intensity levels, and techniques to accommodate specific needs, ensuring optimal progress for every member. This personalised approach not only enhances results but also instills a sense of value and importance in each participant, boosting their motivation to excel.

#3:  Increased Motivation and Accountability
Small group training creates an environment where motivation flourishes. The shared experience of overcoming challenges and celebrating successes with like-minded individuals fosters a sense of healthy competition. From what I saw in the ‘Summer Bodies’ program, group members become motivated by the progress of their peers – which in turn pushes them to surpass their limits and achieve greater heights. Additionally, the presence of others serves as a powerful accountability mechanism. Knowing that others are counting on their commitment and dedication further fuels the motivation of each member to show up and give their best effort.

#4:  Variety and Fun
In small group training, variety becomes a key ingredient. Trainers can incorporate a diverse range of exercises, training methods, and equipment to keep the sessions exciting and engaging.  How come?  Well – with less people to try and ‘TEACH’ a movement, it is easier to do some ‘different’ stuff and have confidence that you are able to coach everyone to do the movement safely.

This element of fun not only enhances the overall experience but can also ignites a deeper sense of motivation within participants – I know in my ‘Summer Bodies’ team we did some truly ‘HORRIFIC’ workouts but because we were ‘connected’, everyone stuck to the task (with a smile on their face!) and pushed hard not just to get to the end, but for improvement.

#5:  Cost-Effective Solution
Everything is relative of course, but compared to individual personal training sessions, small group training offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.  I’m 100% certain PT sessions at Round 1 are the cheapest in the area (and by more than a little bit) at $35/30-minutes.  But even that is WAY more expensive than the $10/hour/person (max of 6) that the small group sessions will cost.

It’s pretty simple maths.  Sharing the cost among the group, each participant benefits from the expertise of a professional trainer at a fraction of the price. Now I’m of course hoping this affordability factor opens the door for individuals who may have otherwise found personal training financially challenging. By removing this barrier, small group training allows more people to access quality fitness instruction and experience the advantages of a supportive group environment.  Is it perfect?  Probably not.  Is it as cost-effective as our traditional group sessions where we have 20+ people in a session?  Of course not…but it’s not bad!

Essentially I think small group training can be a bit of a game-changer.  It has a unique blend of community, personal attention, motivation, variety, and cost-effectiveness makes it an appealing choice for individuals seeking both results and ‘fun’.  It also offers a great ‘change-up’ to a weekly routine – I do Functional on Monday and Wednesday, Functional on Tuesday and Saturday…yep…all the sessions are different but they are all going to be variations on a theme.  But the small group session I do each Thursday – well, that is COMPLETELY different and every week when I get there it’s as if all the ‘rules’ have been thrown out the window!   

Anyway – in case you haven’t gathered by now, we will be offering 4x weekly ‘Small Group’ sessions kicking off in late July…keep an eye out for the posts on socials/emails, jump in and give them a go.  Each session will be put together and run to a theme based on the philosophy of the coach running them – we’re going to have a boxing focussed session (Hayden), Power and Strength Development (D’Arcy), Hypertrophy/Shred/Body Sculpt (Gabby) and a more general “Train like you want to overthrow the government” stuff with me…it’s gonna be cool and I just can’t wait to see how it goes!

See you in the gym,


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