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    Tip Tuesday – The Key to Changing Habits


    Today’s tip Tuesday is all about creating healthy changes and sticking to them! Reflecting on your wins and challenges, and setting intentions on what you are going to focus on is the best way to create change and set you up for a successful week.

    At the start of each week ask yourself:

    Were your actions aligned with your goals?

    What did you learn?

    What are you grateful for?

    Write down 1-3 things you will commit to doing this week.

    Make it obvious 

    Schedule in a specific time during your day and be clear on your goal: 

    I will [BEHAVIOUR] at [TIME] in [LOCATION]. (e.g. I will do the boxing class at 12pm during my lunch break at the gym).

    Stack your habits: after [CURRENT HABIT] I will [NEW HABIT]. (e.g. after class I will foam roll and stretch for 10 minutes). 

    Set a reminder in your phone and put what you need for the task somewhere you will see it. (e.g. pack your gym clothes in your bag the night before).

    Make it fun

    Join a community that reinforces good habits (Round 1 obviously).

    If you’re new to the gym, bring a friend to class. Not only will they help keep you accountable, but you will be less likely to hit snooze if you’ve planned a class together.

    Make it easy

    Reduce the steps you need to take to get to the goal.

    Make the action easier – ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail.’

    If your goal is to eat breakfast every day, meal prep the night before so you’re good to go in the morning.

    If your goal is to go for a run, set a timer for 20 minutes and build from there.

    Action creates momentum which creates motivation!

    Make it rewarding

    Reward yourself with something you enjoy.

    Share your progress and weekly wins.

    Keep yourself accountable by telling your family or friends your goal (This one always works for me).

    Track your habits – of course, there are apps for this, but I prefer making my own checklists because checking something off and seeing your progress is way more satisfying.

    What is one thing you are focusing on this week?

     – Coach Soph


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