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    The Importance of Breathing While Exercising

    Coach Brett here. As many of you know, I recently had an operation to straighten my nose and sinuses out which has allowed me to breathe properly for the first time in about 30 years….. and it got me thinking about the importance of breathing while exercising. Before you say um Brett, we’re always breathing, otherwise we fall down, I mean breathing consciously with a cadence that matches and supports the exercise you’re doing. Muscles and organs (including your brain) need oxygen! 

    When you’re doing cardio, you should try and maintain steady and equal in-out breaths, not gasp or gulp air. When performing strength exercises, you should be breathing out through the maximum effort and breathing in steadily on the minimum effort. A consciously held breath can be useful for some exercises (particularly in yoga/pilates), but it is really important to not unconsciously hold your breath while working hard, or because you’re concentrating on a new boxing combination (ie. forgetting to breathe!).

    Deep, regular, and conscious breathing will help to build your cardiovascular fitness and support your technique, leading to a more efficient workout and better recovery. It will also help support your singing when you are doing my classes 🙂


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