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Summer Bodies 2023

Hey Everyone,

We have an exciting new challenge for 2023 which works like this:
Each participant is a member of a ‘TEAM’ of 6 – with each team supported/organised by one of our coaches. In addition to the coach being the ‘support point’ for their team, they will also be running a dedicated ‘SMALL GROUP’ training session for their team of 6 each week.

Each participant will be expected to:
– Complete 2x Group training sessions of their choice each week.
– Complete 2x ‘Summer Bodies’ work-outs each week. These can be completed at ANY TIME. Full video demonstrations of these workouts are available.
– Complete their choice of a ‘Long, Slow Distance’ cardio effort (eg. 45 minute spin session) OR a recovery based session (eg. 30min roll and stretch) each week.
– Attend their coach-run, Small Group training session each week.

In addition, there is a pretty simple ‘meal prep eating plan’ that has been put together for this program – including a shopping list – so that everyone can maximise the results they receive through participating in the program. There are no food ‘RULES’ as such – you can eat/drink whatever you like during this program – however best results will be achieved through following a simple, structured eating plan and minimising alcohol/sugars. Each coach is putting together their own 10-week training plan for their small group sessions and can perform body scans for their team members at their discretion!

Overall – we are excited for this challenge for one simple reason: Accountability. Generally when a challenge runs, it is hard (aka impossible) to keep track of how ‘everyone’ is going. Sure, we put up social media posts, send out blogs, make videos and try to build engagement…but it seems people always slip through the cracks. This time with 6x coaches each responsible for only 6x athletes, keeping track of everyone AND keeping them on TRACK should be a much easier task…

To sign-up for Summer Bodies, it is a little tricky:
Part#1: Register for your coach/training time in person at Round 1. The registration sheets are on the white cabinets in the reception area at the gym.

Part#2: Process your payment by registering for the ‘GROUP’ using the link below:

If you have any questions or queries relating to Summer Bodies, please reach out using the email account.


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