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Reversibility and Loss of Routine in the Festive Season!

As we get into the silly season (for Australia we have always seen this as a couple weeks prior to christmas until after Australia day as a gym). It’s important to keep in mind that despite our best intentions, we are probably going to lose a lot of our normal routine. This means we are going to have some level of reversibility of our training.

What do I mean by Reversibility?

To maintain at your level of fitness/strength, you need to continue to exercise or train on a regular basis. The principle of reversibility is a concept that states workout gains or progress will begin to be lost when an athlete stops training. Reversibility in fitness can apply to all forms of exercise cardio, endurance, and strength. The effects of the principle of reversibility can be reversed when an athlete resumes training.

While this can differ in level/effect from person to person (it can depend on age, training age, gender, severity of routine loss, injury etc.) The important thing to understand is that over the silly season we are all going to lose some amount of fitness/strength. We have had a pretty brutal end of the year in the gym, and some testing going on just before christmas. When we get back to normal (after Straya Day) it’s just important not to be disheartened if your lifts aren’t feeling as strong or comfortable, or you are struggling with any cardio efforts.

After a few weeks we will be back to normal, kicking arse, training strong and getting after it!

So when we get back to normal, just do your best, be mindful of your numbers and efforts, and we will all be back on track!!


Coach Leon

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