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Recipe of the Week – Spiced Up Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake


“Spiced up” Mango & Passionfruit Mini-Cheesecake Bites 

145g Gingernut Biscuits (tip; Pair your biscuit flavour with your jelly pick)(I used Leda brand, cause gluten free)

60g Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

1 x sachet of Jelly Lite Mango Passionfruit… side note; choose your own jelly adventure (Aeroplane brand)

500g High protein cottage cheese (I used Bulla brand)

2 tsp Stevia powdered sweetener

For the base:

Pop the gingernut biscuits (or any biscuits of choice) into a zip lock bag and crush until crumbled. You want fairly crumbled.

Pour into a bowl and add melted coconut oil and mix until all the biccys are well combined and coated. #nodrybits

Divide mixture between 12 and press into 2 x 6-hole silicon muffin tray.

Pop in the freezer for 5 while you make the cheesecake mixture.

How to, “Jelly mix up”:

Add 1 x jelly sachet to 250ml of boiling water and 250ml of cold water.

Stir until dissolved and set aside while you blend up your cheesecake mixture.

How to, “Cheesecake”:

Pour the cottage cheese into a blender.

Add the sweetener.

Pour in the jelly mix and blend.

Putting it together:

Grab your cheesecake base muffin mix trays from the freezer.

Fill each cup with the cheesecake mixture.

Give the trays a gentle bash on the bench to remove any are holes.

Pop in the fridge for at least 5 hours to set.

Gently remove from trays and either devour, or pop in an airtight container (and keep in the fridge) for that moment the “sweet treat eats” hits.

Hot ‘meal prep/sweet treat stand by saviour’:

Make a double batch of the cheesecake mixture.

Pour half the mixture into the muffin trays, and the other half into a bowl for a deliciously decadent and mousey, (also macro friendly/high protein) evening sweet treat.


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