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Punch yourself FIT (and HAPPY)

Hey Team,

Another week dawns…the challenge is either 50% done or 30% done (depending on whether you are locked in for 4 weeks or 6) and I’ve got to say the challenge so far has been REAL. I am slogging my way through the ‘Highway to Hell’ and it is starting to feel a bit relentless…the 4x classes is fine but the extras and the running is really proving a challenge…I guess that’s why it’s called a challenge right? Chatting to people I do think we are ALL feeling a bit of a collective sense of accomplishment…ticking off those boxes on our sheets really does have a bit of meaning and I hope that each of you – like me – are starting to embrace the grind.

In the boxing gym we are continuing to experiment with the ‘return’ of the moving classes…I mean, it’s not an experiment – we did it for 10-years pre-COVID – but it IS an experiment with the cell-based, COVID compliant gym set-up. Things just aren’t quite as simple now that the equipment is not aligned in ‘groups’ which can (and is) making the setup of the gym for these classes AND the moving around a little more challenging than I think it should be.

Is it inevitable right now that we will be changing the gym around and moving back to ‘moving circuit’ sessions every day…umm – maybe? I mean, it’s how the gym was conceived and how I want the gym to be – but there is still a bit to consider. For one, I am pretty determined to keep the BoxFIT classes on the timetable (they are genuinely ‘different’ right now and these differences are further magnified when compared to the ‘moving’ sessions) but I am also determined to try and maintain the renewed “boxing” focus we have had since last November…punching properly, using our footwork and really making the boxing a key part of the class rather than a series of rest stations between bike and kettlebell efforts which is how it can seem and often (pre-COVID) how it was approached?

How come – why do I care? Well, the classes will continue to be between 40% and 60% boxing focussed from day-to-day and that is a big chunk of the session that could get wasted…but more than that, the boxing parts can and SHOULD be genuinely beneficial?

Honestly – feeling better, both mentally and physically, is a goal many of us strive for – like it says on the website, we ‘Help People Feel AMAZING’. I really think that the sessions we run at Round 1 Fitness really DO help people FEEL amazing by enabling them to hit something, lift something and really challenge their cardio endurance all in one session. I really do think that boxing for fitness does empower you to become a better version of yourself. No sparring, no contact – just bags, skills, and a whole lot of heart.

Why Boxing for Fitness is great #1: It combines Skill Development and Fitness
Round 1 Fitness is all about balance. We don’t just pump iron or run endless miles on the treadmill; we believe in developing real boxing skills. Throwing effective punches, moving your feet with speed and purpose…you will lead the gym feeling better and MOVING better and with more co-ordination.

Why Boxing for Fitness is great #2: It’s an Outlet for Controlled Aggression

Life can be stressful, and we all need a way to release pent-up energy. That’s where our boxing workouts shine. It’s like a pressure valve for the daily grind. In the controlled environment of our gym, you can let off steam, feel the power, and come out feeling centered and in control.

Why Boxing for Fitness is great #3: It provides a great sense of Pride in Doing Hard Things

At Round 1 Fitness, we’re all about pushing boundaries. Landing that perfect combination or unleashing a powerful hook makes you feel on top of the world. This newfound confidence doesn’t stop when you leave the gym – it permeates every aspect of your life.

Why Boxing for Fitness is great #4: It allows you to Improve your Fitness and…

I mean, sure – doing the sessions will help your fitness skyrocket – just show up 3x per week and that part is inevitable…but that really is just the beginning. Our workouts enhance your coordination, balance, and mind-muscle connection. You’ll feel more in sync with your body, which has a ripple effect on everything else you do.

Why Boxing for Fitness is great #5: It provides an Outlet, Direction, and Focus to Become ‘BETTER’.

Boxing isn’t just about hitting bags; it’s a journey of self-improvement. The discipline we teach you extends far beyond our gym walls. It’s a mindset that propels you to conquer life’s challenges with newfound direction and focus.

Why Boxing for Fitness is great #6: It helps cultivate Discipline and Self-Control.

Boxing isn’t just a physical sport; it’s a mental one too. Our sessions teach you discipline and self-control. You’ll harness your energy, silence the doubts, and channel your inner strength toward your goals.

Why Boxing for Fitness is great #7: It helps you build Personal Connections.

At Round 1 Fitness, you’re not just a member; you’re part of a community. Training alongside others creates bonds that go beyond the gym. Sweat, struggle, and support – it’s a recipe for forging lifelong friendships.

Boxing for fitness at Round 1 Fitness isn’t your typical workout – it’s a transformative experience. It’s about finding your power, building your skills, and becoming the best version of yourself. So, if you’re ready to feel better, hit something, lift something, and do something extraordinary, join us in the gym. The benefits of our boxing sessions really do extend far beyond the bags; they’re a punch in the right direction for a better you.

See you in the gym,


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