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Protein Jelly Mousse

Snack or Dessert


1 x sachet Jelly Lite (flavour of choice – Aeroplane Jelly brand)

500g High protein cottage cheese (I used Bulla brand)


Add 250ml of boiling water to 1 x sachet of Jelly powder of choice.

Add another 250ml of cold water to the mix.

Stir to dissolve.

Pour into your favourite bowl.

Pop in the fridge for at 5 hours to set.

To Eat:

Divide between 4 generous serves.

Create your own tastebud adventure by adding crumbled biscuits, granola, yogurt, berries, sugar free maple syrup or sauce…the options are endless.

Or enjoy on its own.

Whatever fits your goals right now.

Make sure you savour every mouthful without distraction. 

Worth every velvety bite!

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