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    It’s the OFFICIAL start of the year!

    It’s the OFFICIAL start of the year!

    Hey Everyone,

    Welcome back to the blog and welcome to 2023!

    I’ve long held a theory that in ‘Straya the world starts to slow down from December 1st…and doesn’t really start up again until AFTER the Australia Day/Invasion Day holiday.  Everyone is going away and different times, workplaces are ‘quiet’ with all the ‘big’ projects ‘on-hold’, kids aren’t back at school…but once that holiday is done and schools start up – well, the whole joint goes crazy and the accelerator gets pressed FLAT to the floor until December!

    I know I said ‘welcome back to the blog’ but it hasn’t exactly been ‘gone’ I guess.  I’ve spent the past 4x Sunday’s putting together my class video series – basically I have done full-class demos (and tried to coach at the same time) of 3x BoxPLUS45 classes and 1x Functional Fitness class.  You can find them on the YouTube machine here:

    Why did I do this??  Well…it’s hard to remember right now!  All I know it is was a pretty miserable experience for me – by myself, in front of a fixed camera in a boiling hot gym with no music trying to put in a good effort whilst talking to the camera and well…I promised 4x weeks and I’m pretty glad it’s over.  I would LOVE to hear/read some comments about the videos/classes though and what everyone thoughts were on the whole thing??? (Is there a begging or pleading emoji??).

    Why did I do it??  Well – I do know.  I guess first off we didn’t really have any full class demos up – and I wanted ‘something’ I could sort of point at and say “This is what a class looks like at Round 1”.  Second, I really just wanted to see if we could translate a ‘real’ session to an online session – can you actually ‘follow-along’ with our sessions from an offsite location.  And lastly I wanted to have the chance to try and cover off some technique fundamentals – and whilst I think that works best in a short “this is how you do this” piece, there is more to training than just the ‘how’ – there are elements of concentrating when fatigued, of establishing a clear mind-muscle connection etc that are hard to cover off unless you ARE under fatigue, unless it’s clear to everyone that coaches suffer through the same stuff and need to concentrate, encourage themselves to keep going.

    Anyway, what it’s meant is I have a couple of un-published blogs floating around that will be published over the next couple of days.  One is specific to DAP and the other is all about the challenge…and speaking of the challenge, the whole purpose of today’s email is to let everyone know what is going on at Round 1 right now because we have a calendar that is FILLING UP!

    28-Days-Later Challenge
    First off, we have the kick-off meeting for 28-Days-Later 2023 this TUESDAY NIGHT at 5:30pm.  The challenge looks amazing, we have a heap of new recipes to share AND (of course) 7x new and amazing ‘Challenge’ workouts (one for each of the 7-Deadly-Sins which is this years theme.  I genuinely can’t wait for this to start – the challenge is go from Monday Feb 6th…if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that here:

    Summer Squad
    We have our Summer Squad reboot underway right now – 6-weeks of unlimited training PLUS a dedicated ‘Summer Squad’ session every Saturday at 8am.  This is really for people who are new to the gym and want to get started in the most supportive way possible – they will receive body scans, eating plans as well as the weekly session that is restricted to Summer Squad people – it’s a great way to kick things off and set yourself up for success.
    If you want to make a return to Round 1 or you know someone thinking about getting started, Summer SQUAD could be just the ticket: 

    Friday Night BBQ
    We want to run a Friday night BBQ every 6-weeks or so throughout the year – and the first one is THIS WEEK – February 3rd.  We will restructure the gym sessions on Friday night (Boxing at 4pm and 5:30pm, Functional at 5:30pm) and the BBQ will be ready to go when the classes are finished at 6:30pm.  What are we hoping for?  Everyone to come along with a couple of beers/glass of wine/whatever and share each others company for an hour or so…it is supposed to be a bit of a low-pressure get together – come along after work, do a session if you are so inclined, otherwise just eat a snagger or two, have a drink and a chat…

    Speed Kills Program
    We are going to run a couple of ‘SPEED’ workshops coming up to help people with their running technique/speed as winter sports season approaches.  Our current plan is to run 2x sessions – 1 for juniors, 1 for seniors – on Saturday mornings in late Feb/early March (more specifics as they come).  This will be open for members and non-members.

    Bring a Friend – Partner Saturday sessions!
    Once the Challenge Weigh-ins are done, our plan is to run a ‘Partner Saturday’ session in March which would enable each of our members (that’s you guys) to bring a buddy along for a partners workout one Saturday…this looks like being Saturday March 12th right now.  Do you need to bring a friend?  Nope – of course not…but we WILL be running a partners workout in both BoxPlus, Hammer Time and Functional Fitness on that day (NOT BoxFIT45 at 8am) so if you want to it should be a nice little fun way for you to bring a friend along, keep your eyes open for this.

    Pre-Season Running Club
    We are looking to rebooting our Developing Athletes “Running Club” as we draw closer too winter sport.  We are looking to ‘tighten up’ this program – so 4-weeks rather than 8 – but just get everyone back running as footy, soccer, rugby and netball all get ready to start up again.  And – as I have to say to my colts players (it feels like every week!!), if you want to play footy and you don’t like running, you have to LEARN to LOVE IT!

    I *THINK* that is about it!! We have tonnes going on right now and it’s pretty exciting to be part of it all!

    See you in the gym,


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