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    How to Prevent Muscle Soreness

    I’m sure we all have them days when you get out of bed and you feel like you have been hit by a bus because you’re that sore from yesterday’s workout. Here are some tips to help with them post workout DOMS. 

    Keep hydrated- I know this may be an obvious one for some of us but a lot of people forget the importance of keeping hydrated after your workout. Drinking water post workout will provide nutrients to our cells and this will help speed up our recovery time and reduce muscle soreness. 

    Use a foam roller– taking a quick 5-10 minutes out of your day to sit down and use a foam roller can be really beneficial. Using a foam roller can increase blood flow to your muscles through applied pressure. This will help release them tight muscle and speed up your recovery process. 

    Avoid processed sugar– I know it can be tempting to treat yourself with a sweet treat post workout but it is important to remember that processed sugar is known to increase muscle and joint inflammation which will increase your muscle soreness post workout, making them DOMS feel even worse. 

    Keep moving– the idea of more exercises after a workout may seem horrible especially when your muscles are already struggling but some light activity like a walk will increase blood flow to the muscles which can improve circulation and aid recovery.


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