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How to Master Motivation

How to ‘master’ motivation.

Motivation tends to look like this…

You are mega motivated at the start, because you’re excited…because it’s new. And then, 2 to 3 weeks in, you tend to get a bit of a ‘dip’ in motivation. And this is quite universal to any goal.

A marathon is a good example of this. Let me set the scene…

People don’t give up a marathon right at the start when they’re fresh…when it’s new…when it’s exciting. Or right at the end when they’re ‘almost’ at the finish line. They give up in the middle, when the end still seems quite far away, and the excitement from the start has ‘dwindled’ somewhat.

Seth Godon calls this “The Dip”. And it tends to be when most people give up. And if you can get through “The Dip”, you are much more likely to be successful.

And that is why I am sharing some of my top tips to get through “The Dip” …keep reading.

Enjoy the process – The number one reason people don’t reach their goals isn’t a lack of ability. It is because they give up too soon. And the number one reason people give up is because they resent the process.

Patience (although if you enjoy the process, you won’t need patience) – I have changed my view on patience – rather than be patient, just stop waiting. Get busy while the time passes. Live your life to the fullest while you are getting results.

Know your ‘why’ – This allows you to tap into your biggest source of motivation. Your ‘why’ is the real reason you want ‘X’. Example, losing fat. Is it for health? Is it to show up at your best? Is it because you know that when you are regularly exercising and fueling yourself well, you feel your best? Tapping into this is so important and often puts things into perspective.

Get a coach and a group of likeminded people who are on the same journey – having a support system is gold. Having people around you who want the best for you is unrivalled when it comes to what you can achieve. And having ‘us’ (R1 crew) on your team will increase your chances of success 10-fold!


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