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    Functional Fitness: July 23 Programming Schedule

    Functional Fitness:  July 23 Programming Schedule

    Hi Funky Fit Team

    Over the past couple of months, we have hit some BIG milestones – the biggest of course being our re-tests post Wendler cycle where we saw almost everyone hit new PR’s for Push Press, Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.  Safe to say I really couldn’t have been happier with the way the cycle progressions worked or the effort committed by everyone to the program…increasing numbers are good right?…and if nothing else it is so motivational to simply see your numbers going UP – it really makes the hard work + struggle seem worth it when you can ‘suddenly’ complete lifts using ‘heavier’ weights!

    Now – because of the sheer volume within this cycle we have kind of wound things back for a couple of weeks.  It isn’t that we have been ‘slacking off’ – that’s so far from the truth as to be a joke – but we have been dialling back the strength progressions to try and give everyone a bit of a break from the relentless chase of more, more, more.  So, last week we did a genuine ‘deload’ where we moved away from dedicated strength blocks (post-1RM’s on Monday and Tuesday) into some longer duration metcons that were designed for ‘STEADY’ rather than ‘SPRINT’ work modes.  Over the next two weeks (weeks of 26th of June + 3rd of July) we will be doing some pretty simple strength maintenance work.  The program will work like this:

    Week Commencing:
    June 26th, 2023
    4x 5 at 80-90% for Core Lifts:  Bench Press, Push Press, Dead Lift and Back Squat.  Focus is fast bar movement and ‘Feeling Good’!
    Week Commencing:
    July 3rd, 2023
    4x 5 for Primal Lifts:  We will be completing a deadlift to power-clean complex, See-Saw Dumbbell Bench, Athletes choice day of Front Squat/Zercher Squat/OH Squat and Z-Press.

    At the conclusion of those weeks (these weeks??) we will have ALSO completed the 3-week long ‘Mid Year, Mini-Comp’ challenges we have set up for each Friday (we started last week, June 23rd and the last workout is scheduled for July 7th).  Hopefully (HOPEFULLY) it’s all a bit of fun for everyone!  Anyway, by the time all of this is over, we will be well set for our new meta-cycle:  CAPACITY.  

    The first phase of this cycle (kicking off in July) will be a 8-week Oly cycle. This cycle will start AND finish with some testing for both Snatch and Clean & Jerk. In between, we will work speed under the barbell starting from the High-Hang Position and gradually working our way down to pulling from the floor. We will also partner these days with Clean or Snatch Pulls to continue to develop strength/ awareness of these movements from different positions. To complement this cycle, we will also see the Overhead Squat and the Front Squat alternate once a week.

    Programming Summary

    Week Commencing:July 10th, 20231RM Snatch 1RM Clean & JerkOverhead Squats 4×6 (RPE 5-6)
    Week Commencing:July 17th, 2023Snatch Day High-Hang Snatch – 1×5 (50%) – 1×3 (55%) – 3×2 (60%)Hang Snatch Pulls – 3×5 (70%)Clean Day High-Hang Clean: 1×5 (50%) – 1×3 (55%) – 3×2 (60%)Hang Clean Pulls – 3×5 (70%)Push Jerk – 5×5 (60%) Front Squat – 4×6 (RPE 5-6)
    Week Commencing:July 24th, 2023Snatch Day Hang Snatch – 1×5 (60%) – 1×3 (65%) – 3×2 (70%)Below the Knee Snatch Pulls – 3×3 (80%)Clean Day Hang Clean – 1×5 (60%) – 1×3 (65%) – 3×2 (70%)Below the Knee Clean Pulls – 3×3 (80%)Push Jerk – 5×3 (70%)Overhead Squats – 4×4 (RPE 6-7)
    Week Commencing:July 31st, 2023Snatch Day Snatch – 1×3 (70%) – 1×2 (75%) – 3×2 (80%)Snatch Pulls – 3×3 (90%)Clean Day Clean – 1×3 (70%) – 1×2 (75%) – 3×2 (80%)Clean Pulls – 3×3 (90%) Split Jerks – 5×3 (80%)Front Squat – 4×4 (RPE 6-7)
    Week Commencing:August 7th, 2023Snatch Day Snatch – 1×2 (80%) – 1×2 (85%) – 3×1 (90%)Snatch Pulls – 3×2 (100%) Clean Day Clean – 1×2 (80%) – 1×2 (85%) – 3×1 (90%)Clean Pulls – 3×2 (100%) Split Jerks – 3×2 (80-90%)Overhead Squats – 3×2 (RPE 7-8)
    Week Commencing:August 14th, 2023Snatch Day Snatch – 1×1 (80%) – 1×1 (85%) – 1×1 (90%) – 1×1 (95%)Snatch Pulls – 3×2 (110%)Clean Day Clean – 1×1 (80%) – 1×1 (85%) – 1×1 (90%) – 1×1 (95%)Clean Pulls – 3×2 (110%)Split Jerk – 3×1 (85-95%)Front Squats – 3×2 (RPE 7-8)
    Week Commencing:August 21st, 2023Deload Week 
    Week Commencing:August 28th, 20231RM Snatch Retest 1RM Clean & Jerk Retest

    Weekly Commitments Summary

    (1) Gymnastics Strength/ Workout Focused Day (1) Snatch Day (1) Clean Day(1) Jerk Day (1) Squat Day (1-2) Shorter Sprint Days(1-2) Mod-Long Workouts(1) Long Workouts

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