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Dirt and Dreams…and Fitness

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to another Sunday!  Cheers (as always) to everyone who has come along to train with us in the past week – some awesome sessions (my personal favorite was the BoxFit45 I ran at 6pm Tuesday – only a dozen or so in the group but such great effort and energy) including the return of “Rolling Thunder” on Saturday…here’s hoping we can make that work again this week.

Remember team, if you arrive at the gym and are asking ‘what class is on’, well – the way to solve that problem is to actually BOOK IN to the session!  We’re all supposed to be doing that in any case so please be sure to download the app (Member Me Plus) and get yourself booked in to your class…

I was listening to the PowerAthlete podcast whilst training earlier today and the host spoke about people starting up a new business as having ‘Dirt and Dreams’ – meaning they have a location (physical or virtual) and an idea of what they want to do…of course, I took this and thought about other stuff – primarily I figured ‘Dirt and Dreams’ was when you first purchase your own piece of Australia and how you have a dream of turning it into something that is uniquely ‘YOURS’…and (of course) I then immediately drew the parallel between that block of land and the picture in your mind with that first time you walk into the gym and what you IMAGINE the outcome will be.  So – I’ve tried to turn that thought into a post…let me know how I go.

Step 1:  The Blueprint: Dreams to Reality

Just like architects craft blueprints for houses, we sketch out our fitness goals. These dreams become our roadmap—the guiding stars that lead us through the sometimes-muddy path of our fitness journey. It’s exciting; it’s invigorating, and we’re ready to dive into the dirt—both literally and figuratively—to bring these dreams to life.  We have a plan – it is to turn out back on the ‘old’ version of ourselves and create a new and improved model – all built around healthy food, going to the gym a few times each week, feeling energetic and (of course), looking awesome!

Step 2:  Laying the Foundation with Boxing for Fitness

Think of the foundation of your fitness journey as akin to a house’s strong base. It’s all about endurance, cardiovascular health, and laying the groundwork for what’s to come. Enter boxing training—the dynamic, gritty foundation of your fitness journey.  Boxing isn’t just about throwing punches; it’s about the mind-muscle connection, being focussed and moving along a path of continuous improvement. During your boxing sessions – particularly in the early days – you’ll find yourself digging deep, discovering your limits, and pushing beyond them. The sweat and effort invested here are the metaphorical dirt that enriches your fitness journey.

Step 2:  Framing Strength

OK – so now we’re ‘FIT’ and resilient.  And it becomes time to build UP and become stronger.  Just like boxing isn’t about throwing punches, strength training isn’t just about lifting weights and it isn’t even about building muscles –  it’s about cultivating resilience and determination. Lift those weights, challenge your body, and you’re simultaneously building mental fortitude. Each rep echoes the building of the walls of your metaphorical house – the process can be PAINFULLY slow and the progress is obvious to everyone EXCEPT you…

Step 3:  Moving IN!

This phase is where the concept of “Dirt and Dreams” truly shines.  Your house is built – and you’re IN.  It might not be perfect (yet), but it is good enough…you are living and growing – and the rest of life is swirling around you.  This is where it is so easy to lose focus – you think you are ‘DONE’ but what you have failed to realise is ‘step 4’ is waiting to catch out the unwary!

Step 4: Maintenance and Renovations (aka your Ongoing Transformation)

When you moved in, everything ‘seemed’ fine.  But it wasn’t long before you started to realise that the work isn’t over…it’s simply evolved.  Your house will need to be cleaned and looked after – and things you didn’t even realise would need attention…well, they need attention!  Regularly.  And this maintenance becomes the routine, the daily/weekly and monthly tasks that keep everything in shape – somethings you need to do a lot (pulling weeds), some a little less often (clean the gutters, paint the walls) and others VERY occasionally (major rennos like new kitchens and bathrooms) your fitness life, the same principles apply.  You need to stay ON TOP of things or they quickly get away from you – and simple tasks like pulling weeks (doing your 3x weekly workouts) can turn into major projects if you renege on your positive habits and let your ‘fitness maintenance’ fall behind…you will never be right back at the start but depending on how long you leave, you might feel that way!!

Conclusion: The Beauty of “Dirt and Dreams”

If you are doing some bricks and mortar ‘building’, “dirt” is the foundation of dreams. In fitness, sweat and effort are the “dirt” that shapes your aspirations into reality. Building a house and staying on top of your fitness both require vision, hard work, and ongoing maintenance.

Like a well-kept house, your body can withstand the tests of time when you invest in its upkeep. Embrace the “Dirt and Dreams” of your fitness journey, and you’ll find not only a stronger body but also a resilient spirit. Whether you’re in the boxing ring or lifting weights, remember that the process itself is the true reward. Keep dreaming, keep working, and keep building—because the masterpiece is always a work in progress.

See you in the gym,


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