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    Butter Bean, Mushroom and Spinach Chicken Curry

    Butter Bean, Mushroom and Spinach Chicken Curry


    1 x tsp organic coconut oil

    2 cloves garlic (or garlic paste)

    1 x tbsp ginger, grated (or ginger paste)

    1 x tbsp curry powder

    1 x tsp paprika

    1 x tsp cumin seeds

    1 x tsp ground coriander

    1 x tsp chilli flakes, optional

    1 x medium red onion, diced

    1 x large red capsicum, chopped

    150g x Spinach, chopped (I used frozen – already chopped)

    1kg x cauliflower, rice (I used Birdseye brand, pre-packed cauliflower rice – frozen section from Coles)

    300g x chicken breast, diced

    200g x white cup mushrooms, chopped

    1 x 400g tin of diced tomatoes

    1 x 400ml tin of Lite coconut milk

    1 x 455g tin of butter beans, including liquid


    Heat the oil in a large pan on medium to high heat.

    When hot, add chicken and ‘just’ brown, about 3-5 mins.

    Toss in the onion, mushrooms, garlic and ginger. Allow to fry for a few minutes before adding the curry powder, chilli flakes, paprika, cumin seeds and coriander.

    Toast the spices for a couple of mins before adding the tomatoes, coconut milk and butter beans. Season with some salt and pepper.

    Leave to simmer for around 15-20 mins, until the flavours have developed, and the liquid has reduced.

    Meanwhile, grate the cauliflower (minus the stem) into rice-like bits. Or do what I did and dump the pre-grated cauliflower into a medium saucepan.

    Add the butter bean liquid (about 200ml). Bring to the simmer over medium-low heat and cook, stirring frequently, until the cauliflower is very tender, about 8-10 mins.

    Add the spinach to the curry mix about 5 mins before serving and stir through until tender.

    Divide the cauliflower between 4 and pour over the curry mix.

    Top with fresh coriander, and a squeeze of lime. Yum!

    Tip – If you’re meal prepping, be sure to add the lime just before serving.


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