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Benefits of Drop Sets

Benefits of Drop Sets

One popular approach in bodybuilding are drop sets, and you may want to consider it if muscle gain is your goal.

A drop set is an advanced resistance training technique that focuses on repeatedly training a muscle until failure. Then, you lighten the load by 10–30%, and repeat, with little to no rest in between sets. 

Drop sets promote muscle gain by fully fatiguing all muscle fibers in a specific muscle. When you train a set to failure, you’re fatiguing all of your smaller muscle fibers.

By then dropping the load and immediately asking your body to perform another set, it’s forced to recruit your larger fast-twitch muscle fibers as well. This can promote more muscle growth than a conventional set could.

Muscular endurance is your muscles’ ability to exert force over and over again. In simpler terms, it’s how many reps you can complete. That means that even with less training time, drop sets can help increase your muscular endurance.

The benefits of drop sets include the promotion of muscle growth and muscular endurance, as well as shorter workout duration as you are completing a higher intensity workout in a shorter time frame.

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