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    2022 12-Days-of-Christmas

    It’s Time for the…

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    Well, whilst there’s no ‘partridge in a pear tree’ here – we are heading into Christmas with our annual ’12-Days of Christmas’ Challenge.  As always, this challenge is designed to be a fun little challenge to help keep EVERYONE ‘on track’ (well, somewhere NEAR the track at least!) during what is the most ‘SOCIAL’ month of the year.

    How Does it all WORK??

    We have put together a simple class and circuit-based challenge – to complete it successfully, you need to complete:

     – 12x Group Fitness Classes at Round 1 Fitness between December 5th and December 31st – at a minimum of 2x sessions each week.

     – 12x ‘Christmas Circuits’ during the month (takes about 12-15 minutes and there are options for Strength people and Boxing people…I mean, of COURSE there are!!).

     – ‘Have a Go’ at sticking to our ’12-Healthy Christmas Habits’ throughout the month…nothing crazy like ‘no beer’…more like ‘drink water every day’ type of thing!

    As you can see, it 100% doesn’t mean ‘7-days in the gym’.  This challenge is all about ‘getting you in there’ and doing a ‘little bit’ when there are a lot of social engagements dragging you away from your training.  As always, there are ‘Boxing’ AND ‘Strength’ options available for the ‘Christmas Circuit’.

    Food?  No food or Beveridge restrictions in this challenge – but the ‘Healthy Habits’ try to provide some good ‘try to keep doing this’ advice rather than saying ‘stick to these rules…or else’.

    What do you GET?

    – Class Sign-off Sheet

    – Healthy Habits Guide (including 8x Habits and 4x Challenges.)

    – Videos (accessible via YouTube) for the Challenge Workouts

    Please note:  Program Signoff Sheets will be made available from Thursday, December 1st.

    Honestly though?  This challenge is all about making a small financial commitment to help keep you ‘on track’ during the month – giving yourself a ‘reason’ to stick to your best intentions! 🙂

    What Does it COST??

    $10 for all Round 1 Members

    $15 for people on Round 1 FAMILY Memberships.  

    The price includes the Challenge Sign-off sheet, Healthy Habits guide and video access to the two x challenge workouts.  We are happy to provide a Before and After Body Scan option at no additional cost (these are usually $25/scan) but this is completely optional…aka – no pressure to scan, just be HAPPY!!! 

    * – Scans can be performed BEFORE a class anytime from Thursday December 1st until Saturday January 9th.  The Challenge kicks off on Monday, December 5th.

    Sign-Up for the 12-Days of Christmas Challenge


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