‘Welcome to Round 1 Fitness’

Round One Fitness is a great way to get fit, have fun and lose weight. We offer more than 70 group training sessions every week – with sessions commencing as early as 5am and as late as 8pm! Our unique class offerings include:

A new circuit every day – Bag work, skipping, abs, barbells, spin bikes: A little bit of everything in one high energy, 45-minute session.

A ‘wound-down’ version of ‘Boxing’ with an extended warm-up and a focus on technique.

B+ Boxing
An intermediate version of the daily Boxing Class where we emphasise body weight activities.  You *might* do some barbells or kettle bells, but this is primarily designed as a boxing and body-weight session.

Body Work
A more advanced workout which emphasises lifting and pure cardio. New session plan every week – prepare to be challenged.

No Rules
Literally anything goes.  If you can get through Body Work it might be time to try ‘No Rules’.  Heavier weights, some more complicated movements and ‘RULES’ that are strictly enforced.  Not a session for beginners.

1-minute Rounds
A ‘Boxing’ class where you rotate from one activity to the next every 60 seconds. Great fun every Thursday.  (Video explanation here:  1-Minute Rounds)

A small group, functional training class for people looking to learn how to lift weights. Members only – Bookings compulsory.

A small group, high intensity functional training class for people looking to push themselves to a new level. Members only – Bookings essential.

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2014 February Special

Free Singlet with ANY new 12-month membership.

Join Round 1 Fitness for 12-months during February 2014 and you will not only receive a bonus Round 1 Pack – Backpack, gloves, hand wraps and towel – we will also give you a free training singlet.

Unlimited classes + everything you need to train at Round 1.

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Dani Elsum

I came with a few friends, we’d all got Scoopons and figured (stupidly as it turns out) how bad could it ...

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Trent Read

First class was a beginners session in the evening. Tagged along with a friend who was keen. I thought I ...

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