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    Why are we running a challenge?  And why have we created ‘THE RESET’?

    For the past SEVEN (7) years, we have run a “post Christmas, lot’s of rules, food and training challenge” in February.  The intent (of course) is to help everyone get ‘back on track’ after the daily “beers and bbq” life we all lead over the holiday period.  Now – this challenge (known as “28-days Later”) has 100% evolved and improved over the journey, but ultimately it has been one of those ‘no bread, no pasta, no sugar, hardline’ challenges to help everyone drop a few kilos since day 1.  And that’s really they way it will stay.  For what it is, it works great and the average weight loss of 2.5kg (girls)/4kgs (boys) has been pretty consistent since the start.  I can still remember when we first started this challenge using the skin-fold callipers to take everyone’s measurements and am VERY happy to say that we have the body scanner now and the world is a much better place!

    Then FOUR (4) years ago we sort of looked at what was happening in the gym and offered up the ‘same-same-but-(slightly) different’ version of the February Challenge in October.  We were seeing as the weather warmed up, people were hitting the gym a little more often, they were asking more food questions and making lot’s of comments about getting ready for ‘summer’…which really meant losing a couple of kilos in order to feel better when wearing their boardies/bikini…and we called this challenge the ‘Summer Slam’.

    I was doing some research for this post earlier today and I was reminded WHY we implemented the ‘Summer Slam’ challenge in the first place – because over time, our good habits and good intentions slip away…often by STEALTH!  According to a nutritionist one of her clients “non-tracked” calorie intake (in one day) was:

    “a few bites of her child’s sandwich before throwing it out” (estimated 50 cals)

    “the crusts of her child’s lunchtime sandwich” (estimated 20 cals)

    “didn’t log (aka ‘forgot’) the oil used for cooking dinner” (estimated 50 cals)

    “didn’t log (aka ‘forgot’) a spoon of ice-cream at desert” (estimated 50 cals)

    “ate 4x pieces of gum during the day” (estimated 20 cals)

    “didn’t log (aka ‘forgot’) one ice coffee” (estimated 200 cals)

    All of those ‘incidental’ (accidental???) calories added up to 390.  Which is a lot.  And each of them would have been outlawed under the rules of the ‘old’ challenge and – quite simply – that is why the ‘old’ challenge works so well for creating a nice little ‘change of lanes’ for your eating and diet…especially post Christmas.  The problem of course is that too many of us slip slide back onto the ‘bad side’ of the road over the days/weeks/months that follow the end of the challenge.  Which leads me to this new ‘Summer Slam’ – “The RESET”.

    This new challenge is not a bit different.  It is a LOT different.  Well.  Eventually it is. 

    For the first couple of weeks we do go pretty hard core on the rules – we take out alcohol, bread, pasta and sweeteners…but that only lasts for TWO WEEKS.  In week three, there is a BIG CHANGE and the focus stops being on what you don’t eat – instead it becomes about what you DO eat.  Rather than worrying about whether something has added sugar, we are going to challenge you to eat a cup of veggies with every meal (well, not with desert – not that desert is a ‘MEAL’ really though I guess it could be!).  Rather than stressing about bread, we are going to challenge you to eat a palm sized serve of protein with every meal.  And we will give you what we are calling a ‘cheat day’ every week throughout ‘Summer Slam’ (‘cos even in this “what you eat is more important than what you don’t eat” styled challenge we need to have some way to control the alcohol people!)

    YES – you still need to do 3x sessions in the gym each week.  And YES – you will still need to squeeze in a couple of ‘extra’ (well, 10-15 minutes!) challenge workouts every week.  But this ‘Summer Slam’ is completely different to the challenges that have come before – it is all about creating a new pathway forward rather than a ‘short-deviation’ before returning to the original course.

    Anyway – our new challenge ‘Summer Slam – The RESET’ – starts NEXT MONDAY (September 28th).  We have an information session/q+a scheduled for 6pm this THURSDAY (September 24th).  If you are keen to sign up, you can do that here:

    See you in the gym,




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