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    What level are you training at? Terry Fox link.

    Hi and welcome to another week.

    The weather was just great for training last week, and as a result we were able to implement some very solid sessions – I hope everyone enjoyed them and made some progress towards their goals.

    Progress is an interesting thing though – and for those people who aren’t quite moving ahead as quickly as they would like, I would like to ask you a question:  ‘What ‘level’ are you playing at?’

    I noticed this at state footy training a couple of weeks ago – the commitment and understanding of some of the players far exceeds that of others.  Some are treating the sessions as somewhere they need to be if they want to achieve their goals – others have a more determined approach and are treating the sessions as if each one is the key to them achieving their goals.  The difference is marked and the outcomes (so far) even more so.  The smart kids in the first group will quickly realise they need to rapidly step things up – others will continue to go through the motions and will then be surprised when it is too late to make up the ground already lost.

    If I equate all of that back to the training we do at Round 1 Fitness, it is the difference between doing the sessions and really training with absolute intensity from the start.  It is the difference between saying ‘I eat pretty well really’ to making sure that your diary is up to date or that you aren’t stepping outside the bounds of your eating plan.  It is the difference between ‘playing’ at level one as opposed to level five (or six, or seven…).

    So, if you are not quite getting the results you are after – or they are coming, but more slowly than you would like – ask yourself the question:  What level am I playing at?  Am I doing everything right or am I taking a few short-cuts here and there?

    Christmas Raffle Winners

    Well, the Christmas Raffle has been drawn and won – and the winners are:

    • Girls Bike – David Peisley
    • Boys Bike – Steve Pattenden

    Many thanks (yes, again) to Apollo Bikes for their support of Round 1 Fitness and I am sure the prize winners are even more appreciative than I am.

    Gym Update #1

    Announcing the January Challenge!  To kick off the new year, we will be having another  ‘Challenge’ – this time involving the rowing machine.

    Pretty simple really – Set the resistance to ‘10’ and row for 2000m – fastest time wins.  This time there will be an extra age category added (over 45’s) to try and provide a chance for a few more people to win a prize…

    As with the last challenge, it is supposed to be about individual improvement and not about winning.  Try and get a time recorded sometime in the first few days of 2011, then have a few more attempts during the month to see how much you can improve your time.  A 2000m row will take every ounce of effort in your body and if you work diligently to improve your time you will be gaining ground (fast) on your fitness and weight loss goals.

    Gym Update #2

    The SupaTuff singlets arrived at the gym this week and look terrific – if you are after a new training shirt, have a look next time you are in the gym.  At $20 they are great value.

    Gym Update #3

    Lost property continued – the box is going to the Salvation Army immediately after Christmas.  Please check through it to see if any of the belongings are yours – there are some fairly new (and quite expensive) shirts and jumpers in there but I can’t hold on to them forever.

    Christmas Presents?

    Another reminder that there is a ‘Round 1 Fitness’ Christmas Packs available at the moment – a 10-Round Pass, Supa-Tuff Gloves, Hand-wraps and ‘Round 1 Fitness’ t-shirt available for just $130 – which is more than $50 – actually, more than $70 – off the normal price.

    Christmas Opening Hours

    No changes to the plan announced in last week’s blog.

    • Christmas Eve:  Classes as normal until 6pm.  (5pm class will be the last class to run).
    • Christmas Day/Boxing Day:  Closed.
    • Christmas Day Holiday (December 27th):  Closed.
    • Boxing Day Holiday (December 28th):  Open Public Holiday Hours (9am – 1pm).
    • New Years Eve:  Classes as normal until 6pm.  (5pm class will be the last class to run).
    • New Years Day:  Closed.

    There are a few signs up around the gym detailing these hours now – if you have any comments or feedback I would be happy to listen.

    Friends of ‘Round 1 Fitness’

    With no-one indicating a burning desire to be featured in the blog, I have randomly selected ‘Toyworld’ on Beeliar Drive (Christmas catalog available here:  The owner/operator can often be found at the gym during the lunch-time sessions and his kids are regulars at the ‘Kids Club’.

    So, if you are looking for a present for the kids this Christmas, don’t forget to see what they have at Toyworld Success.

    Link of the week

    My link of the week is a YouTube video clip of Terry Fox – a Canadian amputee who embarked on a run across Canada to raise money for cancer patients.  It really is an incredible story – there is an ESPN documentary called ‘Against the Wind’ all about Terry and his incredible effort on rotation at the moment.  A bit of a summary of the story can be found on YouTube:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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