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    What is the Developing Athletes Program

    The Developing Athlete Program (DAP) is a progressive ‘Strength and conditioning’ sessions for teenagers.  So…what does it mean when I say  ‘Strength and Conditioning’?  It means a lot of things I guess but ultimately it is the use of resistance, plyometrics, agility and speed work within a consolidated training program.   In the DAP program at Round 1, the resistance components include the use of resistance bands, free weights (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells), weight machines, medicine balls and body weight exercises.  Whilst each session is ‘different’ (we like to keep it interesting and “FUN”), each session includes a warm-up, an element of athletic development (sprinting, mobility, core etc), a strength element, some conditioning and a cool-down.

    Our classes run four (4x) times each week (Mon-Thurs @4pm) and we like our clients to target between 8-12 sessions per month (or around 2x classes per week) to achieve great results.

    Is strength training safe for young athletes?

    Yes, when done correctly. Most injuries occur during misuse of gym equipment, using excessive weight, or lifting weights with improper form. A well-designed, well-supervised strength training program has no greater inherent risk of injury than that of any other youth sport.

    Why should my child participate in a strength and conditioning program?

    There are many benefits for young athletes to start resistance training. Not only the impact on current and future sports performance, but on self-esteem and socialization. When implemented in a safe, and smart fashion kids can blossom into fit, smart, strong young adults. Below are some of the beneficial outcomes:

    Increase muscle strength, power, and endurance

    Reduce risk of sport-related injuries

    Enhance motor skill performance

    Increase bone mineral density

    Improve body composition

    Enhance sports performance

    If you know a young athlete who is looking to push their sports performance to a new level, well, we would love to help.  Get in touch with us via email at



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