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    What Happens in a Health Check

    Hey Everyone,

    Just a quick (hopefully REALLY quick) little blog today.  What I want to write about is pretty simple – “What happens in a Health Check”.  And the reason I am writing it is even simpler:

    I want everyone who is training at Round 1 to be getting great results.

    The #1 idea behind the Health Check process is to set each person up so that they can:

    1/. Create a plan for their training.
    2/. Establish a positive eating routine – based on identifying the areas that they are not quite getting right in their ‘day-to-day’.
    3/.Use the ‘DIRECTION’ you have for your training and food to really ‘enjoy’ the journey, rather than feeling like every week is 2-steps forward, 1-step back.

    Each Health Check kicks off with a Body Scan.  Now – I know there are people coming to the gym who have never had a scan and I understand that.  Moving well and feeling ‘good’ is not about muscle mass vs fat mass.  BUT.  There is no doubt that as a ‘starting point’ mechanism the scan is a really valuable tool.  Is your muscle balanced upper to lower?  WHERE is your fat being stored?  What is your visceral fat number?  WHAT is your body fat %?  Understanding where you are at is great – and it enables you to ‘work backwards’ when you start looking at your current training and eating ‘strategies’!  You walk away from your Health Check with your Body Scan report (of course), but we also take a bit of time to document some of the key elements inside your Health Check booklet:


    As you can see from the form (above), with all of our body scan data captured we then spend a few minutes capturing some ‘high-level’ “What are we doing this for/What is holding us back” information.  The idea is that we identify what you are hoping to achieve – and what things in your life are standing in the way of you doing that.  For example, having to go to work is a pretty typical constraint!  Having kids who need your time and attention (and your driver’s license to take them to all their sporting and extracurricular activities!) is a constraint.  The important thing with this is WRITING DOWN everything you have that is impacting on your time and your ability to get into the gym – then making a clear commitment to get your training done ‘outside of that’…

    Next step – food diary and discussion.  Of course, in most cases we don’t have full details of what you are eating and drinking…what we DO try to do here is capture some high-level “this is what I eat every day” type information – we use this as part of a larger discussion around how you might be able to make some SMALL changes to your current eating ‘style’ to achieve better outcomes.  There is – of course – a heap of info (and recipes) on food in the Health Check (that’s coming later) but honestly given there is only 30-minutes we try not to get too bogged down with that…it is more a ‘OK – this is where we are, here are a couple of tweaks we could make ‘right now’ and HERE is some information related to longer term, permanent change if you are interested’.

    I always find the food and drink discussions challenging as most people are pretty set in their ways – and whilst they are ‘cool’ with the idea of doing some exercise, are reluctant to embrace any change to their eating style.  This is a challenging subject for so many people – and so often the one thing that is REALLY holding people back from achieving success in their training.

    So – at this point, we have some details on what you are hoping to achieve, what time you have available to train (and recover) and what you are eating.  Now we have all of these details it is time to create a weekly training plan.  On a weekly planner we document what activity you will do on what day…and at what time.  For example:

    As you can see, this is the simplest of simplest calendars and is designed to go ‘on the fridge’ or ‘above your desk’ or wherever it is you think you might regularly see it.  It is supposed to tell you:

    1/.  When to go to the gym and train (and what class to do!)
    2/.  When to spend some time doing your post exercise recovery – stretching, walking, yoga, whatever it is that you ‘do’ to relax and destress both mentally and physically.

    Once we have ‘agreed’ on this calendar (it is filled out during the health check), it is then time to cover some of the food elements a bit more ‘formally’ – as already mentioned though, this is more about sharing what is included in the ‘pack’ than an in-depth info session.  So what is included?

    Australian Dietary recommendations re- daily serving sizes for men and women.
    Details on what those dietary standards actually mean!  For example, what does ‘5x serves of veggies’ mean?  Is that raw serves or cooked serves etc etc.


    Translation?  Boys doing the health checks will say ‘this is not enough food’.  Girls doing the Health Check will say ‘this is WAAAAAYYYY too much food’.

    A daily planner style explanation of how the serving size recommendations might ‘look’ over the course of a traditional ‘breakfast’/’lunch’/’dinner’ eating plan.
    A collection of recipes – 10x breakfasts, 10x lunches, 10x dinners and 5x snacks that may or may not be helpful!

    And that is kind of it.  (Well – new people doing a Health Check do a class as well, but as I’m pretty sure you realise that is more about ‘getting moving’ than anything else!).

    The Health Check is designed to set you up for success in the gym – a positive plan for both food and training – with some recovery worked in there for good measure.

    If you think you might need a bit of a ‘reset’ – the Health Check is the way to do it…I get it that the trainers are there and available to ‘answer questions’ between classes – but if you want to expand the ‘yes’/’no’ answers into paragraphs and walk away with a plan you can put into action, this is the way to do it.

    That’s it – See you in the gym,



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