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    Since starting Round 1 Fitness back in April 2010, I have regularly been asked the following question:

    ‘My son/daughter plays football/soccer/rugby/hockey/netball – they really want to take it a bit further.  What would you recommend they do to get stronger for next season?’.

    The answer to this question is both really SIMPLE and completely COMPLICATED.  Most kids don’t do much ‘training’ outside of their sports – and whilst their coaches might get them to do a few pushups at training (if they are misbehaving!) there is no structured strength program.

    So what do young athletes who need a foundational program (a combination of teaching and training fundamentals) – do in order to become STRONGER, FASTER and BETTER?

    The EASY answer is come down to the gym and get involved in the Boxing classes – and that is 100% going to help provide a good starting point – but those sessions are aimed primarily at improving base level fitness levels rather than targeting improvements in speed and power that would provide direct assistance for participants in field sports.  Will doing Boxing classes help in the immediate term?  Of course – they will for sure improve their fitness and for sure get stronger – but if getting STRONGER and FASTER and learning how to train ‘for sports’ is what they need, well there is going to be a GAP.

    The Developing Athletes Program has been developed to try and fill this gap – it will follow a LINEAR progression with both strength progressions and skill development.  It will introduce participants to the fundamental barbell movements, introduce primal extensions, provide drills for warming up, include the concept (and how to!) of both metabolic conditioning AND hypertrophy training…and lastly integrate teach when and how to include sprinting and change of direction running into an overarching S+C program.  The Developing Athletes Program has been designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to independently follow a strength and conditioning program upon the conclusion of the course.

    What does the program involve?

    The program kicks off in the week commencing MONDAY OCTOBER 17th and will run for SIX WEEKS.  The weekly ‘Instructor Led’ sessions will be conducted as follows:

    Group 1: Tuesday Nights: 5pm, Thursday Nights – 5pm,  Saturday Mornings – 8:30am.

    Group 2: Monday Nights: 5pm, Wednesday Nights – 5pm,  Friday Nights – 5pm.

    Each participant will be provided with a program guide booklet AND a Round 1 Fitness gym membership for the duration of the program.  Participation in the program is limited to EIGHT (8) people only so there will be a high level of coach-student interaction.

    Who is the program for?

    The Developing Athletes Program has been designed for 14-17 year olds – boys and girls – who are participating in field based sports (football, rugby, basketball, netball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse etc) who want to improve their speed and strength.

    How Much Does the program cost?

    The cost for the 6-weeks of the program, the program guide and the gym membership for the term of the course is $180.  You can sign up for the program via the Round 1 Portal:

    Sign up for Group 1:  (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) 

    Sign up for Group 2:  (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

    What do you need to provide?

    All participants need to be in the gym and READY to GO at least 15-minutes prior to the commencement of each session. Each session will run for approximately 60-minutes.  Wear ‘normal’ gym attire – including closed shoes.  It is recommended that FLAT SHOES (VANS, Converse Chuck Taylors etc) are worn as they are more appropriate for squatting, deadlifting and change of direction sprints than ‘runners’ but wear whatever you are comfortable with.  You will need a towel and a water bottle – you MAY want other ‘stuff’ such as wrist wraps and knee sleeves but only bring them if you ‘normally’ use them.  It is ESSENTIAL that you bring a blank note-book AND a (working) pen!


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