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    Welcome to Summer Squad 2023!

    We know that ‘trying’ to get started on a new exercise regime is really hard.  Especially when life is so busy!   But guess what?  We have something for YOU! Welcome to the “SUMMER SQUAD!!!”

    What is “SUMMER SQUAD”? 

    ‘Summer Squad’ is a program we have created for new and returning members.  It kicks off on 1st February and runs through until 17th March.  During those times, you can attend an UNLIMITED number of Group Fitness classes at Round 1,…and on top of that, you will receive everything you need to be successful!  This includes:

    –  Body Scan to kick everything off.

    –  Summer Squad ‘Kick-off’ meeting to talk through the eating plan and HOW to easily create a weekly “Training & Eating” plan that will work for you.

    –  Healthy eating plan (including VEGAN options)

    –   Weekly “Summer Squad” workout (optional) at 8am Saturday morning where we will run a special class for ‘Summer Squad’ members – high intensity, high energy, 45-minute blast!

    – Access to a our private facebook ‘Summer Squad’ group

    –  Body Scan to finish everything off.

     – Did I mention the unlimited group training sessions (and there are up to TWENTY FIVE (25) per day to choose from)!

    How do you sign up? 

    Sign-up for the “Summer Squad” either in the gym or via the web portal.  You can access the portal here:

    Sign up for the Summer SQUAD

    Any questions, please email ‘


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