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    Weight loss and keeping a diary

    Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to another week. As always, some great classes planned.  I am  really keen to give the new barbells a good working over this week  and will be throwing a barbell circuit into the class on both Monday  and Wednesday. Adding some weights to your training regime really  gets your metabolism going and extends the benefit of your training –  add to this a heap of punching, a new heavy bag drill to try out – we  will have a lot of fun!

    I have been discussing weight loss goals and targets with a lot of  people lately, and have been continually advocating the use of a food  diary for everyone – just somewhere that you write down everything  you eat (and drink!).  For me at least, just the fact that I have to  write it down later makes reaching for that chocolate (or extra  beer!) just a little more difficult to do.  Equally important for me  is making sure that on one day a week I don’t fill out the diary – it  is a guilt free ‘eat-whatever-I-want-too’ day.  Not only does this  allow me to relax the rules on one day a week, it also means that if  it is Monday and I really want a pizza, I can make sure that on my
    ‘free food’ day (usually Saturday) I get myself that pizza.  If you  know that sometimes you are allowed to cheat, you wont always want too.

    You can then extend the diary concept to your training regime –  record when you do a boxing class, the days you go for a walk or run  (and how long/how far), when you do your weights, water-skiing, horse-
    riding…whatever it might be.  A calendar with entries in the  ‘training’ section 5-times each week would be something to really  aspire too – a quick review of your training diary on a Friday would  quickly tell you whether or not you might need to squeeze in one  extra training session over the weekend to meet your weekly training  target.

    Once you have started logging ALL of your food and ALL of your  training, if you are not meeting your targets in terms of weight- loss, strength/size gains, running times or whatever, you will have a  really good chance of identifying exactly where things are going  wrong – or more exactly, what things you need to change in order to  get to where you want to be.

    Don’t forget, our special offer – 10 Round Pass for just $50 (half- price) – is running until the end of September.  Now that the ads are  out on the radio (92.9) please feel free to tell your friends and  family and give the the chance to experience all the benefits of one  of the classes down at Round One Fitness…

    See you in the gym,

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