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    Position: Coach

    Have you heard about this thing called COVID19?  Things are looking a lot more positive right now and we are going to need some new team members when we re-open.  Please read the below position details/application instructions CAREFULLY and make sure you have ‘covered all bases’ before submitting your application.

    We are looking for a coach that can come in and coach 15-25 hours per week of Boxing for Fitness/Strength & Conditioning classes + additional personal training hours on top of that. We believe that the best way to make a career out of being a coach is through a combination of personal training, group classes, and taking on 1 or 2 roles outside of coaching – such as including nutrition coaching, session programming, organising gym events, contributing on social media, etc. We are seeking an individual who aligns with our mission and core values and aspires to become a full-time coach, whether they are ready now, or believe they can work their way towards this role in the coming years.

    Round 1 Fitness Mission Statement

    ‘We Help Change Lives’

    Round 1 Fitness exists for one reason – to constantly challenge and lead our members to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness they can reach. We have an obligation to our members to provide a safe training environment, with dedicated knowledgeable staff. We strive to help as many clients as we can to reach their full potential and achieve their goals and beyond.

    Round 1 Fitness Rules of Coaching

    – Stay up late or get up early, farming articles and doing research.
    – Do not ask what you can get, ask how you can HELP.
    – Put out content, often for free, simply because they NEED to.
    – Listen first, speak last, speak honestly and speak simply.
    – Have clients/athletes thank them for becoming not just better at their sport, but better at life.
    – Put in the hours when nobody’s watching them… or paying them.
    – Coach the person first and the movement second.
    – Have long lines of well wishers at your funeral.
    – Get to work early and stay late.
    – Make sure the facility/equipment stays clean and the client/athlete is meeting the agreed upon expectations
    – Have boundaries and take time for themselves daily so that they can be better for others and avoid burnout.

    So with all of that said, what’s “The Golden Rule”? You must care about the person in front of you. The results THEY get are why we are all here.

    Minimum Requirements

    – Cert IV in Fitness
    – Boxing/Boxing for Fitness accreditation and experience.
    – CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    – Team Player: Humble, Hungry, and People Smart
    – Understands and is driven by the Round 1 Fitness Mission Statement.
    – Understands and lives by Round 1 Fitness ‘Rules of Coaching’
    – Understands that your role as a coach and a leader in our community must come before your own training.

    Key Responsibilities:

    – Coaching is the priority – you will be required to coach (approx.) 15-20 group classes per week.
    – Attend and actively participate in weekly coach meetings.
    – Follow all of the operating procedures detailed in our staff manual – aka being a conscientious, team player.
    – Be available to take on personal training clients a minimum of 10 hours per week (you should be looking at this opportunity as a FULL TIME ROLE).
    – Never ending pursuit of coaching excellence via continued education, coach’s development sessions, and 1-on-1 coach’s evaluations.
    – Participate (as an athlete) in R1F group classes at least 3X/week minimum.
    – Take on a role “outside” the gym floor. Social media, programming, front desk, sales, marketing, nutrition, etc.

    Additional Expectations:

    – R1F (and the role as a coach) is a top priority in your life.
    – Adhere to R1F core values inside and outside of the gym (including personal social media).
    – Focused on pushing our gym towards excellence each day.
    – Be an open source of communication. No gossip.
    – Cover additional shifts/classes when needed – TEAM!
    – Fulfill all opening and/or closing duties
    – Be on the floor and engaged with members at least 10 minutes before and after every class.
    – Be fully prepared for class (lesson plan) prior to the 10 minutes before every class.
    – Greet and take care of R1F clients – members and walk-ins – whenever present at R1F.
    – Post regular gym/member updates to R1F social media pages.
    – General admin tasks as detailed in the Staff Manual – such as updating member details, following up billing queries, etc etc – all performed with both diligence and a SMILE!
    – Track and submit new client Health Checks, personal training hours and general coaching hours to admin and payroll.
    – Actively participate in all R1F coach’s meetings.
    – Help stage, clean, and organise the gym before and after all classes
    – Help set up, clean up, and run any R1F events – social occasions, beach days, challenges – prepared to get involved and participate – TEAM/Self.
    – Continued education and never-ending pursuit of coaching excellence

    What’s Next?

    – If YOU are the person we are looking for, please send through (email to “”) a ONE PAGE resume, three professional references and a brief cover letter.  In addition, we would like you to take your time to address the following questions:

    – Why you are seeking a coaching position at Round 1

    – Your coaching experience – We want REAL examples of your COACHING and don’t really care about a list of places you have worked.

    – Why our Round 1 athletes would want you as a Coach!

    – Your philosophy on fitness and athlete development

    – Your sporting background and what your number#1 lesson from your own training/competition was and how you would pass that down.

    – What music is on your workout playlist.

    – If there is anything else we should know about you and what makes you tick.


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