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    First thing first, when you are pregnant exercise is good for you! Seeing all the mum’s training in the gym is pretty inspiring. However, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider before you start exercising while carrying your baby.

    After speaking to a ‘mum to be’ that was training in my class,  I was inspired to research heart rates while exercising pregnant. I wanted to know how she was tracking her exertion as she was training really hard and my belief was a ‘mum to be’ needed to track and manage their  heart rate, and the best way to do this was with a heart rate monitor.  It turned out this was a myth.

    The research shows that you should track your heart rate with a talk test, which means if you have a good base of fitness you can still train hard as long as you can hold a conversation, if you are out of breath then that is a good indicator you should slow down a bit.

    It is also  important  to look after your pelvic floor while pregnant.  Pelvic floor exercises help to strengthen the muscles off the pelvic floor. These muscles come under great strain in pregnancy and childbirth.

    By performing pelvic floor exercises, you can strengthen the muscles. Pelvic floor muscle training will help the body cope with the growing weight of the baby. Healthy, fit muscles before the baby is born will mend more easily after the birth and helps to reduce or avoid stress incontinence after pregnancy. All pregnant women should do pelvic floor exercises.

    Ultimately you know your body better than anybody, and our bodies are amazing tools that will let you know when things are not right, so use your common sense when exercising.


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