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    Hey Guys! I just wanted to bring up the conversation about training vs working out, especially since the July Challenge is in Full Force!  Now I know these sound like the same thing but they are really NOT. I feel a lot of us come to the gym with the best intentions to “TRAIN” but end up just “WORKING OUT” instead.

    To put it simply –

    To “WORK OUT” –  is simply that you exercise with no real goal other than you just feel you should. You come to the gym with no plan, no idea what you’re working towards, no goal and no preparation. Just get the heart rate up, burning some calories and go.

    To “TRAIN” – is to set goals that motivate you to turn up, have timelines for your goals, to record your weights and times in Sugawod, to track food in MyFitnessPal. To show up early or stay back to work on the things you know what you’re struggling with or what you need to improve on. A lot of our members come everyday and workout. And if your goal is simply calories in vs calories out, that’s enough. But for those of you that have said you want to pull a 200kg deadlift, or get a fast time in a Metcon or compete in an upcoming event. You need to start TRAINING, not WORKING OUT.

    Start Today!


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