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    Training variety, Thursday and Friday night initiative, Eftpos and the March Challenge!

    Hi and welcome to another week.

    I really enjoyed the sessions last week – certainly the combination of back-to-back sessions Monday lunchtime followed by messing around with the new power ropes for 20-minutes or so on Tuesday left me feeling a little bit ‘precious’ for the remainder of the week.  Not sure about everyone else, but I think it is great that after doing a class essentially every day for the last 9 months I continue to pull up ‘sore’ on occasion…there really is a lot of variety in the classes and continually being challenged in new ways can only help me keep my weight down and my strength up!

    On a different note, for those people who aren’t aware, we had a break-in last Wednesday night – the front glass doors were smashed in and whilst the alarm went off, they were long gone by the time I arrived back here.  Whilst we didn’t really lose much (assuming my laptop is covered by the insurance company!) it is yet another timely reminder to everyone to be particularly vigilant when parking your car on the street outside the gym  – keep all valuables out of view, make sure it is locked (please double check) and if there is someone who appears to be ‘hanging around’ please let me know.

    Thursday’s and Friday’s

    Going through the attendance records, ever since we opened Thursday and Friday evenings have been (a lot) quieter than Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.  Now, the reasons are probably pretty simple – late night shopping on Thursday, drinks after work Friday – but from my perspective simple does not have to mean ‘compelling’ and I want to give everyone a reason to come to the gym.  So this is the plan:

    • Thursday’s will feature 1-minute rounds from this week until the end-of-March.  We will still do a day of 1-minute rounds on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday but Thursday’s will ALWAYS be one-minute rounds until the end-of-March.  One minute rounds are proving very popular – to the point where I have seriously considered making EVERY session one minute rounds…but to really amp up your training we need to vary the exercises AND the duration of effort – changing to 1-minute rounds every day would go against this principle.
    • Until the end of March, from 5pm on Friday all sessions will cost just $5.  Now, whilst I understand this will not do much to encourage members to get along, I hope it does help get a few more casual users to the classes which ups the energy level in the gym which makes the Friday classes a little more ‘compelling’ for everyone.  Friday evening is a great time to train – a great way to start the weekend…and if you are going out on Friday night, squeezing in a class between finishing work and hitting the town should give you a lot more energy / positive outlook than going straight from work would.

    Gym Update #1

    EFTPOS is now available within the gym.  Guidelines are pretty simple – $10 minimum and we are not supporting cash out – but that is kind of it.  It is here and available – feel free to take advantage of it as and when required.

    Gym Update #2

    A couple of new supplements are now available at Round 1 Fitness.

    • Rapid WPI – A fast-absorption protein formula…
    • Creafine Creatine – Creatine formula for increased strength and stamina.

    Happy to discuss either of these products with you next time you are in the gym.  My supplement plan now that my week of ‘Skinny Mini’ is in the rear-view mirror is to resume the ‘Fat Burner’ tabs from tomorrow (Monday) and continue on the ‘Sustain Whey’.  When my current store of ‘Sustain Whey’ is over I will cut over to the ‘Rapid WPI’ to see how that goes…given my primary reason for taking the protein is recovery, I suspect that ‘Sustain’ is the right product for me but I do want to given the Rapid formula a try.

    Thanks – and a request.

    Just wanted to say thank you to all of those weights area users for putting their weights away – it is much improved.

    On a similar note, if you use a water bottle – either in a class or in the weights area, please make sure it finds its way home with you/into a bin.

    March Challenge is on the way…

    • 3km’s on the bike, gear 16.  Very, very simple.
    • Two divisions – Boys and Girls.  Very, very simple.
    • The prize will be simple – train the trainer (or ALL the trainers) for 1×45 minute session.  So if you want to get your own back, the March challenge is for you.

    Link of the week

    This week’s link is another YouTube video – a quick story about Nick Vujicic (one of the many floating about) that present his positive outlook on life.

    I hope you enjoy it – like I said there is a heap of information about Nick and his story floating around and you could do worse things with your time than look at a few stories of Nick (and share them with your kids).

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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