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    Training Notes: May 8th to June 18th (Functional)

    Training Notes:  May 8th to June 18th (Functional)

    Hey Team Funky,

    We have just come off five weeks of tempo work to give our bodies some time to recover from the intensity of the first three months of the year. During this tempo cycle we increased the time under tension BUT reduced the weight and rep count to try and give everyone a bit of a ‘freshen up’ before heading into our next ‘HEAVY’ cycle (WENDLER – starting May 8th).  On top of that, we have been doing a heap of gymnastics and hopefully more than a couple of people have been able to improve their pull-ups and potentially gotten their first ever Hand Stand Push-up.

    With regards our training capacity work, our metcons have been heavily focussed on that 15-20 minute time range with an OCCASIONAL 25-min plus workout.  Most of May will see this focus continue – continue to work those medium time scale metcons but (hopefully) able to show improved intensity…aka we are going FASTER for LONGER.  Anyway…what does all that mean?

    From May 8th we will be kicking off our 5-3-1 Wendler Cycle starting with a test of our Back Squat/ Deadlift/ Push Press. We will then take those numbers and plug them into Wendler and look to make some progress in 6 short weeks! Outside of that, we will keep working on our body weight skills – pull-ups esp – while continuing to layer in accessory work (aka continuing to evolve the ‘Pull-up Zero to Hero’ program) to help improve our strength and stability! Of course, we will continue to focus on overall aerobic conditioning and keep building our engines going into the second month of this building phase.

    Lastly, we will begin adding in extra credit Pull-Up / Push-Up / Squat / Run prep for the MURPH workout coming this Memorial Day! These extra credit pieces will be meant to be done outside of class and can be completed on any schedule that makes sense for the athlete.

    These will not be mandatory for a successful MURPH workout but they definitely will give everyone that completes them a competitive edge. Looking forward to a great training block in May and June – Let’s do this!

    Wendler Cycle (8th May ⇒ 18th June 2023)
    8th May1 Rep Deadlift/ Back Squat/ Push Press/ Bench Press
    15th May1×5 @65% – 1×5 @75% – 1×5+ @85%
    22nd May1×3 @70% – 1×3 @80% – 1×3+ @90%
    29th May1×5 @75% – 1×3 @85% – 1×1+ @95%
    5th JuneDeload Week
    12th June1 Rep Retest Deadlift/ Back Squat/ Push Press/ Bench Press
    Weekly Workout Commitments
    Wendler Strength Cycle (BS/ DL/ PP)
    Prep for Murph (Extra Credit)
    1x Continued Strict Gymnastics Strength Day 
    2-3 Mod-Long Workouts
    1-2 Long Workouts 

    Any questions about what’s in store? Reach out! Email to ‘’.

    See you in the gym,



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