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    Train the Trainer – Class #1

    The first ‘Train the Trainer’ session resulting from the March Challenge will be on this Friday at 2pm.

    Ryan has submitted the class plan and I have inserted it below in case anyone is interested in having a look…there are a few notes on the plan about hand-weights and carrying them around etc…it was a little hard to include all of those comments in the plan notes.

    Anyone who wants to make their way down to the gym to have a look at the pained expressions on the faces of the trainers is of course more than welcome to do so…

    Round Minute 1 Minute 2 Minute 3 Minute 4
    1 Skipping Skipping Skipping-Doubles Skipping-Doubles
    2 Heavy Bag 5 Burpees every Bell – 10 Punches, Run to Door and Back
    3 Bike: Gear 14@120 Bike: Gear 14@120 Bike: Gear 14@120 Bike: Gear 14@120
    4 Calf Raises Calf Raises Wall Sit (holding medicine ball)
    5 Power Ropes: 2 Hands Power Ropes:  Alternating Hands
    6 Step-ups (holding medicine ball), 10 Push-ups every Bell
    7 Heavy Bag – 20 punches, run to the door and back / 5 pushups / 5 burpees /
    8 Bike: Gear 14@120 Bike: Gear 14@120 Bike: Gear 14@120 Bike: Gear 14@120
    9 Speed Ball – Punching with one hand, other hand holding hand weight ‘straight out’
    10 Walking Lunges – Holding hand weights above head.

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