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    Tip Tuesday – Why Correct Muscle Activation is Important!

    Correct Muscle Activation!

    To get the best out of our training, we need to make sure we are activating the correct muscle groups. How many times have you done a sit up and found that your neck started to hurt? This is most likely due to incorrect technique, fatigue, or not ensuring your abdominal muscles have been activated (or turned on) before you start the movement. Before you start an exercise, make sure you know what you’re meant to be feeling, where you’re meant to be feeling it and the best technique to achieve that. Visualising the muscle group you’re supposed to be working can also help! Focussing on these things will allow the exercise to have the desired outcome, and help you progress in your fitness goals.

    It is also important to remember that if you are injured, there are always alternative exercises that will prevent you from aggravating the injury and allow it to heal.


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