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    More than just a to do list.

    Do you feel out of rhythm with yourself? 

    In a funk… out of whack. 

    Is there things you’ve been saying you’re going to do but haven’t finished or haven’t even started yet?

    This is going to break that mould. 

    This is called an Integrity List, and it’ll be uncomfortable. There are three main components: 

    Task 1: Write down everything that comes to mind that you said you were going to do but haven’t…

    Clean your car

    Organise the shed

    Tidy the pantry

    Clean the gutters

    … You get the idea. These are called the “day to days”

    Then here comes the interesting ones. 

    Task 2: Write down the things that directly move you closer to your goal, whatever that might be..

    Go to the gym 3x a week

    Open a savings account or an investment account.

    Study or up-skill in your field. 

    Whatever that might look like for you that will solely reflect on your own personal goals. These are called the “building tasks”

    Now, here comes the uncomfortable ones.

    Task 3: Write down a list of things that make you feel uncomfortable. The things that bug you and will be the hardest to complete. 

    Apologies to someone for your behaviour 

    Contact a friend or a family that you fell out of contact with

    These are called the “healing tasks”

    Now, once this is list is written do one of the “day to days” every day, one of the “building tasks” every week and at least one of the “healing tasks” a month until all of the tasks are complete.

    Then, reassess & write a new one.





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