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    Tip Tuesday – The Importance of Recovery!


    Rest as hard as you train…The importance of Recovery!

    It’s never normally a case of ‘over training’ that holds you back…In fact…

    It’s most probably a case of ‘under recovering’, that’s having a bigger impact on your progress…

    What I’m trying to say is…

    More is not always better…Let me explain…

    You do not build muscle, or fitness while lifting weights or exercising…

    You are simply creating the ‘stimulus’

    You then need to provide fuel…Aka ‘amino acids’, (primarily from protein…and in particular Leucine), and energy, so you can ‘adapt’ to that…

    You also need ‘time’, and ‘rest’…Because you do your growing, and adapting, outside of your training.

    You cannot ‘adapt’ to what you can’t ‘recover’ from.

    Bottom line…

    Rest as hard as you Train.


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