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    Tip Tuesday – Is Caffeine good before a workout?


    Caffeine is a supplement most of us take every day. Mostly in the form of coffee. And bar the 5am crew, some people probably haven’t considered  taking it as a supplement. 

    The main way people look for this as a supplement, is pre-workout. Which I am not a huge fan of, tastes awful, and is full of a lot of unnecessary components. The one necessary component they do carry, that being caffeine is in a very high dose, usually 300-500mg a serve.

    The dosage amount of caffeine as a supplement is usually 1-3mg per kg of muscle mass. Meaning most pre-workouts serve is far above a recommended dose for most people. Solution to this issue is easy, delicious coffee (1 shot of coffee has 80 -120mg of caffeine, meaning a double shot is enough for most people), or no doze. Depending on your sensitivity to caffeine you should always start on the low end of this dosage.

    Using a low dosage will reduce side effects; anxiety, GI discomfort, increased heart rate and sleep disturbance. Using a lower dosage will also limit and athletes resistance to the supplement.

    But why take caffeine?

    Caffeine stimulates the nervous system to reduce fatigue and drowsiness. This leads to a reduced perception of effort, increasing an athletes ability to demonstrate increased effort in their session.

    To put it plain and simple, having the right amount of caffeine before a workout can help you perform during workouts when you are lacking with energy and motivation. It can also help with performance on testing days for workouts, with the reduced perception of effort.


    Coach Leon


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