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    Tip Tuesday – Importance of Single Limb Training

    Ability through stability and importance of single limb training:

    Single limb training, i.e. lunges, step ups, pistols, single arm bench etc. They just aren’t as sexy as our major BB lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Power Cleans). People tend to prefer the big lifts because they like hitting the big numbers on the bar. But what if I told you that single limb training could help you be even better at your main lifts?

    I’m not just talking about extra volume and hypertrophy, but something much simpler… Stability. In simple terms, if the body does not feel stable, it will restrict you from exerting a certain level of force. But you aren’t just unstable when on a single limb. Under a large load you also become unstable. Meaning if your body doesn’t think it is stable enough under a certain weight, it won’t let you lift it. Ever felt unable to squat down after unracking a bar? Or that a deadlift bar was glued to the ground? That might be due to you feeling unstable.

    Unfortunately subjecting our bodies and lifts the massive weights to gain stability isn’t always the best way to go about it. It adds massive amounts of volume to your training. The Solution?

    Single Limb training, Single Arm Single Leg Deadlifts, Walking Lunges, Single arm OH Press. Gaining strength and stability through a variety of single limb exercises is a great way to insure your continued progress in your major lifts!

    Anyway thats all from me today, if I have left you with more questions than answers, come find me in the gym! Until then, Stay Strong!

    Coach Leon


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