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    Tip Tuesday – Importance of Mobility and Its Impact on Strength!

    Importance of Mobility and its impact on Strength

    Last couple times I have talked, I’ve ranted about ability through stability, and why being stable in a movement is important for strength. Today is going to be on a similar tangent.

    Why is Mobility an important factor to being strong??

    Some people would argue that it isn’t at all and could actually be detrimental to strength, and to a degree they are right. If you are able to stretch yourself beyond your bodies normal passive limits for mobility of a joint it can have a negative impact on strength. Luckily this is an extreme example of flexibility, like being able to do the splits down to the ground.

    More than likely most of us won’t experience this and will be on the other end of the issue. Not having the mobility to perform an exercise properly. Can you hold a bar directly overhead and squat to full depth without your arms leaning forward, going on your toes, and head going down?

    Most of us probably can’t, but being unable to move a barbell through the correct path, will put massive limits on your ability to increase in weight. Generally speaking in all compound lifts, the bar path should be a perfect straight line up and down when seen from the side. This limits the distance the bar needs to travel in tern making it easier to move. It also means are bodies move through the proper motion anatomically, which means we will have better strength gains from a CNS response, but also reduce wear and tear on our bodies.

    So next time a coach tells you to sit your bum down, pull your ribs down etc. and is trying to correct your positioning, take the advice, reduce the weight if you need to. If reducing the weight doesn’t help, you will need to work on your mobility, you can ask the coach how to help you with that.

    That’s all from me today guys. Until next time stay strong!

    Coach Leon


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