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    Tip Tuesday – How to Lift Safely!

    How to lift safely…..

    When we talk about why we go to the gym, a common response is ‘to get stronger’ (along with ‘get fitter’, ‘lose weight’ etc). How do we get stronger? At the base level, we achieve this by lifting increasingly heavy weight (there are obviously lots of other factors, but you get the gist). However, there can be a fine line between pushing ourselves to achieve our maximum potential, and lifting something that is too heavy, and which results in injury. Fundamentally, this comes down to knowing and understanding your body, and being accepting of what you can achieve on the day……but here are some tips to help with avoiding injury and achieving your weightlifting goals, whatever they might be!

    Build your weight slowly. Warm ups are important (that’s why we do them!)

    Check your technique. Lots of injuries (especially to the back) come from poor technique. If you’re not sure how to do an exercise correctly, ask! It is better to drop weight and focus on your technique, than push hard, let your technique fail and injure yourself. 

    Have a spotter or the safety arms out, especially if you’re gunning for a PB, and your face is in the line of fire…..(not mentioning any names!)

    Don’t compete with the person next to you. Healthy competition is good, but it’s your own journey. 

    If you’re having an off day, accept it, and try again in the next session. We can’t all be machines every day.


    Coach Brett


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