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    Tip Tuesday – Home Grown Veggies


    One of the most important things in a healthy diet is fresh, nutritious vegetables. A great way to achieve this is to grow them yourself!! (It’s not only good for your body, but also good for your mental health). It can be as simple as growing fresh herbs or tomatoes in a window box, or if you have space, you can make a bigger veggie patch. Your soil should include manure/fertiliser or compost, and make sure you mulch to be water wise. Sometimes we get little bugs so nets will help with the pests that have teeth (the possum in our backyard is partial to beans, and the rats love corn…..), and you can use natural pesticides to keep everything organic. 

    Good veggies for planting at this time of the year are broadbeans, onions, spring onions, parsley, peas, radishes, rhubarb, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, garlic, pumpkin kale and leeks, just to name a few. Check with your local garden centre as they will usually be selling seedlings in season. 

    It takes a little bit of effort to get started, but there is nothing more rewarding than harvesting your own crops.


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