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    Tip Tuesday – Food Labels!

    How reading food labels can help with your training goals!. 

    I know we ideally shouldn’t be eating any canned, packaged or bottled foods… but let’s be honest- that’s incredibly hard in this day in age to live completely off the land and only eat fresh unpackaged foods. I sure don’t. If that’s you, seriously well done. 

    Here is a way that you can be a little more conscious and aware of the foods you are eating when it is coming from a labeled bottle or can. 

    At the end of the day, understanding what you are fuelling your body with can only ever be a good thing, right?

    Not only will it help with calories in and calories out but understanding what’s in and what you are eating will go a long way to smashing some weight loss or performance goals. 

    Reading the foods serving size at the top of the label will help understand the amount of servings there are and aids with the calculation of calories consumed, especially if you are eating to a calorie restriction. 

    Evaluating fats proteins and carbs will also help with the macro nutrient breakdown to what you are eating. You need all of those three things to function but at a balance. With that, you also want to take into consideration the sodium and sugar content. 

    Reading for allergies can be a big one too. If you know then you know… gluten, dairy… the list goes on.  

    Evaluating the fibre vitamins, calcium, and iron can sometimes be important too. However, most if not all of your “planned and scheduled” micronutrient nourishment should be coming from fresh whole-foods first, and supplementation second. 

    I hope this helps in being a little more conscious and connected to the food you are eating.


    Coach Eden


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