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    Tip Tuesday – Change The Way You See Progress!

    This mindset will lead to better results.

    Change the way you see progress.

    I know that you think that you probably think you want to look a certain way, or weigh a certain weight…

    But what you really want, is to feel the way you think you will feel in that body.

    The goal always boils down to ‘how you feel’, rather than ‘how you look’, ‘what size you are’, or your ‘gravitational pull to the earth’ is aka scale weight.

    People don’t reach their goals for one reason…Because, ‘they give up too soon’.

    And people usually give up because they lack patience, or underestimate ‘how long it will take to see results’.

    And this is where I want you to reflect and change your mindset…

    If you’re FEELING better, does it actually matter if you haven’t lost weight this week? …NO!

    And on the flip side…

    If you lost weight this week and you feel like crap, does that mean your ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’ regime is working? …ALSO NO!

    Don’t lose sight of the real goal …‘To feel your best’.

    I am under no allusion that you will be reading this and think …”Mindset instantly changed” …

    It takes time, it takes work, and it also requires reassurance. And that’s what I’m here for *wink wink*

    Paradoxically, doing this will help you to see more ‘physical’ changes too, as you will be far less likely to give up.

    And that’s the real MVP aka secret fam.

    Coach Gab G x



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